30 Day Challenge – Bella’s A to Z of Strictly. M is for Mark and Matt!

People called Mark or Matt! If you’re asked to take part on Strictly, please say yes! Mummy’s shown me lots of Marks and Matt’s who’ve taken part on Strictly, and as Craig would say “Dah-lings you can dance!”

It’s day 13 of my 30 day blog challenge and today is brought to you by the letter M!

M is for Mark and Matt who have lots of rhythm and moves!

Over the last 11 years (that’s longer than I’ve been alive, you know!) there have been lots of Marks and Matts to take to the dancefloor on Strictly.

Having a look at things Marks have appeared in the Strictly Final twice (both with partners called Karen!) and Matts have appeared in the Strictly Final 4 times (one of these times was a professional dancer, but it still counts!) Spooky!

This shows us that Matts and Marks can dance and have natural rhythm and lots of moves.

As it’s Saturday, mummy says I need to show you a Salsa and a Samba. I couldn’t make my mind up which Salsa or Samba to show you today (it’s harder than choosing between chocolate cake and lemon drizzle cake!) so I’ve made a playlist of the great Sambas and Salsa from Matts and Marks. Watch the videos and then let me know which is your favourite. You can tweet me @scd_support or comment below:

I’m off to watch Matilda now with my Mummy and Daddy, but Mummy says don’t forget to join her from 7.30pm tonight for her Strictly Support Group chat. 

Have a great day everyone!

Bella  👸


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