30 Day Challenge – Bella’s A – Z of Strictly! O is for @the_olajordan

It’s Monday & day 15 of my Strictly Alphabet. It’s time for the letter O! 

O is for Ola Jordan

Once upon a time (well about 9 years ago) on Planet Strictly, a beautiful dancer called Ola stepped onto the dancefloor.

She choreographed some great routines and proved she was a great teacher. One day, she was even awarded the great prize, the Strictly Glitterball, when she won the show with Chris Hollins. She was also given the great prize at Christmas time too, by Strictly Santa, winning the Christmas Glitterball.

For today’s Monday Memory, I’ve chosen my favourite of Ola’s dances, her quickstep with Ashley from 2013. I liked Ola’s dress because it was pink and pretty. I also liked the choreography and it looked like lots of fun to dance. Here are Ola and Ashley with their fab-u-lous quickstep:

I hope you liked that dance and would love to hear what you thought of it. Let me know. You can tweet me @scd_support or comment below. I look forward to hearing from you.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the next letter of my Strictly Alphabet.

Bella 👸


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