30 Day Challenge – Bella’s A to Z of Strictly. T is for Thom or Tom.

Today it’s the weekend and it’s also Salsa Saturday. Mummy made a special salsa last night which was really yummy even thought it had green tomatos in it:

Anyway, enough about food because I’m feeling hungry. As it’s Salsa Saturday, today I need to show you a Salsa dance. I’ve picked two salsas. One was from Thom and Iveta last year and the other one was from Tom and Camilla (who judged the tour and danced this even before I was born!)

Thom and Iveta’s Salsa

When I first watched this dance, I liked it because it reminded me of when I go swimming! Mummy said it made her feel a little hot. I’m not sure what she means, because they were dancing in Autumn and it’s cold in Autumn. Maybe she was wearing too many jumpers.

I also got to see this dance on the tour and it looked like lots of fun, even if Thom did lose his top! I think Craig Revel Horwood stole it from him because he was feeling mean.

Tom and Camilla’s Salsa

I wasn’t even born when this dance was performed, but Mummy showed it to me and suggested I put it in this post. It looked amazing and was full of turns and spins. I want to dance like that when I’m older! I also like Camilla’s dress because it’s very pretty and sparkly. The whole routine was fab-u-lous and I loved it!

Now you’ve seen both dances, I’d like you to help me choose the best of the two. Just vote in this poll below and Mummy will let you know the winners just before the Strictly Support Group at 7pm. *wonders if they’ll win a glitterball or a nice prize*

I’m off now to my gymnastics class *attempts a cartwheel.* Mummy’ll be on twitter from 7pm (my bedtime) with a special Strictly Support Group. She hopes to see you there.

Bye bye for now.

Bella 👸


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