30 Day Challenge –  Bella’s Favourit(est) Moments from the Magical Kingdom!

It’s almost the end of my 30 day challenge! 30 days feels like a long time when you’re only 5. Today, I’ve decided to show you some of my favourite ever Strictly moments. I love Disney and love every dance that has been disney -themed.

My favouritest  *corrected by mummy* most favourite Disney-Themed Routine is Scott and Ariel Joanne’s Little Mermaid Themed Samba from Movies Week 2014. It got them their highest ever score and a 7 from the nice American Guest Judge man! I also liked the costumes a lot. If I were dancing on Strictly, I’d want to be able to wear a crab costume too! It looked like lots of fun to dance and it got me dancing lots at home! I even taught the real Ariel in Disneyland how to do the crab! Crabulous!

I also really liked Mark and Iveta’s Lion King themed Samba from Musicals Week 2013. I loved the costumes and the music. They also got to wear crowns which made them Lion King and Queen of Strictly. It was the sort of dance that got you dancing along at home. Mummy says I was dancing along the whole way through, but I don’t remember, it was a very very very long time ago! I loved this dance and it was roarsome!

My other favourite routine is the Professionals Let it Go routine. It was magical and they even danced backwards (I’m not sure how they did that!) *spins around practicising in her Princess Elsa costume*

These three are my favourites, but there are lots of other routines I loved just as much. Just watch this playlist below to see them:

What are your favourite ever Strictly moments? Let me know by tweeting @scd_support or commenting below. Speak to you tomorrow for my last post. I won’t cry, because I’m a big girl!

Bella 👸


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