Bello! It’s time for our Minion-Themed Strictly Support Group!

If minions were on Strictly, we’re pretty sure they’d eat bananas just like these

For tonight’s Strictly Support Group, in honour of the latest movie to open in Cinemas, Minions, we launched a Minion-themed chat.

For our first question we asked you this: We know some of our professionals love minions and minions love bananas. Which strictly person do you think would be most at home on planet minion and why? Here are our favourite answers:

It’d seem that Joanne, Kevin and Janette would be most at home with the minions! We then asked you this: Minions love dancing as much as we love Strictly. Which dance style would the Minions be best at and why? We had some fab-u-lous answers from you all. Here are our favourites:

We’re pretty sure the minions would score 10s all-round dancing these routines. For our next set of questions, we considered the characteristics of the different minions and asked you these questions:

We then asked, If you were to see a minion on Strictly, which minion would you like to see on the show and who you pair him with? We had some great suggestions, but have to say that Jo and Bob would be an amazing pairing! 

We then moved on to ask, Which performance on strictly, do you think the minions would vote as being “top banana?” We had this suggestion from one of our followers:

My lovely 5 yr old voted this dance (because it’s yellow and minions like yellow!)

Which routine do you think the minions would be proudest of and why? Send us your suggestions to let us know.

Finally, we asked you this. In a minion dance battle who would win, Kevin from Grimsby or Kevin the minion? The results were unanimous. Kevin from Grimsby would even beat the minions at dancing.

That ended our chat. We have to say we think this:

We’re back on Tuesday from 8pm for our weekly quiz. We hope you can join us then. If you missed our chat, don’t panic like these guys:

You can still take part by tweeting @scd_support or commenting below. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Cassie 🙂



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