Keeping Cool On The Hottest Day Of The Year!

Today, is the hottest day of the year and with temperatures set to reach 35 degrees (ouch!) we’re looking for ways to keep cool! As massive Strictly fans, we’ve turned to our favourite show for some help and are watching some of the coolest routines ever on Strictly come dancing.

There have been routines which have sent shivers up our spine in the coldness of winter. They’re bound to help you resist any urge to melt in the heat. Here are our top 5 cool routines especially for you:

5) Mark and Karen’s Rumba:

Contemporary dance is the dance that sends shivers down your spine and is chillingly and hauntingly beautiful. We’d never seen a Rumba like this before, but have to admit this is now one of our favourite Female Pro and Male Celebrity Rumbas ever. It was soft and tender. It had beautiful choreography (which Mark mastered) and it took a risk which paid off! We loved it and hope you will too:

4) Susanna and Kevin’s Snowdance/Showdance:

We were (and still are) huge Team Kevanna fans, but this showdance reminded us of a warm cup of mulled wine on a cold winter’s day! It was different to any other showdance we’d ever seen on Strictly, and Kevin choreographed a beautiful routine which gave us goosebumps and sent shivers down our spine. The neckspin was a highlight and it was so beautiful it reminds us of Christmas and the Strictly final every time we watch it! It’s bound to cool us and you down today for that reason.

3) Rufus and Flavia’s Festive Tango:

We couldn’t do this post without showing you a Christmas Special routine. Of all the Christmas Routines this has to be our favourite. Flavia choreographed enough Tango along with the perfect blend of comedy elements which made this a winning and super cool routine. We loved it and learnt a valuable life lesson too; Never Dance A Tango With An Eskimo (unless his name is Rufus and he’s not a real Eskimo but a comedian!)

2) Sophie and Brendan’s Charleston:
Brendan is a legend in the world of Strictly, but this Charleston oozed a cool 1920s vibe. It suited Sophie’s laid-back style perfectly. They were super cool and we’re still a bit upset that we didn’t get to see them perform it in the Strictly final 2013 *stomps feet.* As it is super cool, we’re pretty sure it’ll help cool us down on a super hot day!

1) Strictly Pros “Let it Go” Frozen routine:

Last night, my 5 year old couldn’t sleep because it was too hot. She insisted on watching Frozen, because (to quote her) “if I watch Frozen it’ll be cold again!” It really worked, even if we did disturb the neighbours singing shouting “Let it Go” at 10pm (sorry neighbours and anyone who heard us!) Whilst we are sweltering in the heat, we couldn’t think of a better routine that our Strictly pros dancing to “Let It Go” last series. Here they are in action:

So, there are our favourite super cool routines on Strictly! We hope you enjoy them. Let us know if they helped cool you down by tweeting @scd_support or commenting below with the routines which help you cool down. We’ve also made you a Hot/Cold playlist which is just perfect for these summer days! 

Remember! Stay safe in the sun & keep cool. Have a great afternoon.

Cassie 🙂

Cool Cat in charge of the Strictly Support Group


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