Strictly News at 10(ish!) – Day 3 in the rehearsal studio!

Welcome to tonight’s Strictlified news bulletin *throws glitter at the camera* The headlines tonight:

*Bong* Our pro dancers started the day in need of coffee but still looking fab-u-lous:

*Bong* Claud and Tess returned to the Strictly Wardrobe to try on lots of glittery frocks:

*Bong* 3 days of rehearsals led to lots of monkeying around. In fact some of our pros quite literally went bananas:

*Bong* We also learnt there are some distractions in the rehearsal studio 😍😍😍😍

*Bong* Our pros enjoyed a streetside picnic in the sunshine:

*Bong* It’d seem that some peculiar creatures appeared in the dance studio. We hope he’s not a new judge. Roarsome as he is, he looks dangerous:

*Bong* And finally, we heard that the first Strictly 2015 contestant will be revealed on Chris Evans’ Radio Show on Monday. This means one thing, Strictly is officially coming! Hoorah.

That ends tonight’s news bulletin. We’re back tomorrow for Day 4 of our Strictly News bulletin. 

Cassie 🙂 


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