Strictly News at Ten(ish) – Day 4 in the rehearsal studio!

Welcome to another edition of Strictly news at 10 ish! *ruffles papers and puts on her specs* The headlines tonight:

*Bong* Our pros have been dancing their little socks off and as a result aren’t looking their usual selves! 

*Bong* Despite this tiredness our pros are still dancing their hearts away and giving us some clues to what look like uh-may-zing dances:

*Bong* There seems to be a lot of excitement from the pros which is making us even more excited for Strictly Come Dancing 2015

*Bong* From the pictures we can see that pros aren’t dancing with their usual partners. It seems there’ll be a lot of partner swapping *grab your partner and dosie-doe* which sounds interesting!

*Bong* And finally, it’d seem that some of our pros still manage to monkey around in rehearsals, even without bananas! 

That ends tonight’s news bulletin! We’re back tomorrow for another show. We hope you can join us then. From us it’s goodnight and thank you for reading!

Cassie 🙂 


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