Strictly News at Ten (ish!) – Day 5 in the rehearsal Studio!                                                                                                 

It’s Friday and we’re so excited, so much so that we attempted this dance earlier.

A word of advice, unless you are a highly trained professional dancer, please do not attempt this dance. We nearly knocked over a vase, squished the cat and hit the wall in the process.

It’s Friday, so we had that Friday feeling, and it’d seem some of our pros did too:

Today was definitely brought to us by Periscope! We experienced lots of great videos from our pros, as well as some awesome shots of rehearsal footage:

We also saw acrobatics:

Tea antics and lots of fun looking lifts:

All in all, we think our pros have earned a well-deserved rest this weekend:

That ends this week’s news bulletin. A little more news is that we can now apply for BBC Strictly Launch Show tickets. *Cheers* To apply, head to to find out more.

We’re back tomorrow from 7pm for a Great British Bake Off and International Cat Day chat. We hope you can join us then!

Cassie 🙂


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