Strictly News at Ten (ish) – Strictly Is Coming!

Welcome to tonight’s Strictly News at Ten (ish!) The headlines tonight:

*Bong* The First Strictly 2015 Celebrity is Revealed

*Bong* Our Strictly Pros Enjoy a “Relaxed-ish” Day at Rehearsals.

This morning our Strictly excitement levels went off the scale as the very first celebrity for Strictly 2015 was revealed. 

If you haven’t already heard it’s Jeremy Vine! 

We’ve learnt so far that he likes sequins and wants to learn to dance and have the moves like Jagger, so as not to embarrass his two daughters (aww!) 
We’re not sure of his head gear in this picture

however, we’re sure he’ll look dapper, will be fab-u-lous, get some nines and like his vines already! We’re naming them Jeremy Vine’s Vines:

Our Strictly pros also had some great things to say to him:

Joanne Clifton, poet laureate of Strictly!

Here’s a little more on why Jeremy wants to appear on Strictly:

It was lazy day & it’d seem that as our pros had a relaxed day at rehearsals involving cake & chilling out in between dancing:

The next Strictly Celebrity will be revealed tomorrow on The One Show! We cannot wait and can honestly say we have a case of Strictly Fever. We’d love to hear who you think Jeremy will be paired with and who you think will be the second celebrity to take to the floor. Comment below or tweet @scd_support to let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

That ends tonight’s bulletin. We’ll be back same time, same place tomorrow.

Cassie 🙂


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