Strictly Dresses @woburn_abbey – an exhibition review by Bella (aged 5)

As a lover and follower of all fashion (including vintage), I have to say that the Strictly costumes make Strictly Come Dancing truly uh-may-zing! There have been many costume highlights over the last few years and credit must go to Vicky Gill and her team of seamstresses who help bring the performances to life every week.

This weekend, my lovely 5 year old Bella was lucky enough to go and see the Strictly Dresses exhibition and hasn’t stopped talking about it since she saw it agreed to review it in her own words (with a lot of mummy’s help!) Here are her thoughts about the exhibition:

This weekend I went to Woburn Abbey with my fairy godmother, Serene. It is a magical castle and I think princesses must live there because there were lots of pretty Strictly dresses there this weekend (they must borrow them to play Strictly like I do at home!)

I love the dresses on Strictly because they are sparkly and shiny and always make people look really beautiful. I didn’t realise how sparkly they were until this weekend when I saw the exhibition. I think I must have seen about 100 million sequins and sparkly beads. The dresses look even prettier up close than they do on the TV. 

There were 16 dresses from Strictly 2014 including Caroline’s Charleston Dress, Pixie’s Viennese Waltz dress, Frankie’s Foxtrot Dress and Karen’s Foxtrot dress. They were all put in the spotlight and you could see them sparkling like magical glitterballs as you walked into the gallery.



My favourite costume of all had to be Janette’s green Tango dress. My fairy godmother liked it too. It looked beautiful and like a dress a real princess would wear. It had lots of sparkles and the colour was very pretty. I’d like to wear a dress like this when I’m grown-up. I might ask mummy to make me one next year.


I really liked the dresses and think that any Strictly fan should go and see this exhibition because it is really fun and fab-u-lous! I’d give it this score as it was uh-may-zing!


 I think next year I want to go on holiday to Planet Strictly, because I love all the sequins. Now all I need to do is convince Mummy to take me!

Thank you Bella for your review. Mummy may take you to Planet Strictly (if you’re good!) The Strictly Dresses exhibition is on at Woburn Abbey until the 1st November. If you’re missing Strictly, why not head over there. Tickets for entry to the Abbey and Gardens cost £15 per adult, £7.50 per child (aged 3-15,) £13.50 per Senior and £37.50 for a family of 2 adults and 2 children. The entry fee allows you to see the exhibition too.

If you’ve been or have seen some of the fab-u-lous costumes, we’d love to hear what you thought. Tweet @scd_support or comment below to let us know.

Cassie and Bella


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