Strictly News at (Ten)ish – A day when Strictly turned Green!

Irish eyes were smiling today as Daniel O’Donnell was named as the 8th celebrity to be appearing on Strictly Come Dancing. We were a tad excited by this news and did a jig on the train home from work (apologies to the lady whose shins we kicked in excitement. We hope you are ok! If you are a Strictly Fan, we’re sure you’ll understand.) We love all things Irish *dreams on Tristan* and are sure in a previous life we were leprechauns.

It’d seem we weren’t alone in being excited as we saw many tweets from Planet Strictly and the fans expressing their joy:

We can’t wait to see him perform and think he’ll be fab-u-lous. My mum’s already decided she’s voting for him and hasn’t even seen him dance!

His reveal also got us thinking who we’d like to see him paired with on Strictly and also what was his Disney codename. We can’t think of any Irish Disney characters but think he and Aliona may make a good pairing.

In other news, today rehearsals were a little bit secretive, but we were treated to some lovely pictures of our very happy Strictly pros. They don’t only know how to dance amazingly, but also know how to accessorize with a coffee cup perfectly:

That ends tonight’s bulletin. We’re off for some well earned rest and are back tomorrow with Friday’s Strictly News at Ten(ish!) We hope you can join us then.

Cassie πŸ™‚


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