Strictly Support Group – It’s Launch Show Time!

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. It’s time to dust off our glittery wine glass, get our Strictly Snacks out and play a game of Blind Date does Strictly!

Earlier this evening, we eagerly sat down (or if you’re my five year old, jumped up and down) to watch Strictly 2015 – The Launch Show. We must admit, we’re watching it again for the third time, as for us it really was the best launch show ever. We must take our Sparkly hats off to the Strictly production team who created a wonderful show. Think Jeremy’s taken his hat off to them already:

The opening routine filled us with envy for several reasons:

1) We want Claudia and Tess’s alarm clock. We’d always get up at sev-ern am.

2) We want to live on Strictly Street *Googles house prices on Strictly Street*

3) We want to dance like that on our Monday morning commute to work. Sorry felly passengers on the train.

It was truly fab-u-lous and a great start to set up what will be an amazing series. 

The launch show had the wonderful comic genius from Claudia and Tess whose chemistry shines as always . It’s great to have them back. We also want to know where they got their sparkly helmets from, as they would make the perfect accessory to any outfit.

The newest pro dancers to the team, Gleb, Giovanni and Otlile were introduced with a superheroes routine! It reminded us that all our pros are amazing and must have superhero dancing powers. It got us thinking which superheroes our professionals would be:

Karen Clifton would have to be Catwoman (she loves cats!)

Kevin Clifton would make a great superman (he looks slightly like Clark Kent with glasses on.)

Pasha Kovalev and Brendan Cole would have to be Inspector Gadget (we know they like their gadgets!)

Anton Du Beke would definitely be James Bond (smooth, suave and sophisticated!)

If you can think of any others, send us your suggestions. You can tweet @scd_support or comment below to let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

We then moved on to a game of Strictly blind date, where our couples were paired up with one another. Here is our verdict on all the partnerships:

The Boys

Ainsley and Natalie – Watching Ainsley we saw he certainly has rhythm and these two looked thrilled to be paired together. They are well-matched and we think they could go far, especially with some help from Suzy Salt and Percy Pepper! Our matchmaking factor 10/10. Their potential 9/10.

Jeremy and Karen – The king of swing joins the queen of choreography and style! He is doing Strictly to make his daughters proud (which gets brownie points in our book.) Karen taught Hairy Biker Dave to dance, so we know she will bring out the best in Jeremy. We think they will make an awesome partnership. Our matchmaking factor 10/10. Their potential 8/10.

Iwan and Ola – Sportspeople are often the dark horses of the competition and this dark horse has already embraced the sequins and wants to wear tighter and skimpier outfits! We think he and Ola will do well and can’t wait to see them dance. Our matchmaking factor 9/10. Their potential 9/10

Jay and Aliona – Never underestimate the power of a musician. It’s been 4 years since Harry Judd won with Aliona. Darcey mentioned that its time for us to have another Male Champion! He did seem extremely nervous and we just wanted to give him a hug! My 5 year old did say she likes him, but thinks he needs a haircut. We hope he does well. Our matchmaking factor 9/10. Their potential 9/10.

Antony and Oti – We’ve already named them Team Go-goti (which sounds a little like you’re cheering a goat to do well šŸ – but we like it.) Oti is really sweet and we think her and Antony will get on like a house on fire. We can’t wait to see them as a partnership on the Strictly floor. He’s had an injury, so we’re unsure whether this will affect his posture. Our matchmaking factor 10/10. Their potential 8/10.

Daniel and Kristina – The lady who turned John Sergeant into a dancer, has the task of teaching this fellow to dance. We know that she is up to the challenge. They made an adorable couple together and we have a feeling that ballroom will be his forte, like Jeremy. Our matchmaking factor 8/10. Their potential 8/10.

Peter and Janette – The best reaction of the night goes to Janette. My eight month old gave them the biggest grin ever (definitely a Team Jandre fan) and you could see she was genuinely thrilled! Watching Peter dance, she definitely has a good chance of taking home the glitterball, which she thoroughly deserves for her amazing choreography. Our matchmaking factor 10/10. Their potential 10/10

The Girls

Jamelia and Tristan – Jamelia quite clearly said she knew who she wanted, and you could see she was thrilled to be paired with Tristan. We think that they definitely have the potential to go far and it would be lovely to see more of Tristan on Strictly 2015 šŸ˜. Matchmaking factor – 10/10 Their potential 9/10

Georgia and Giovanni – We learnt that these two have already named themselves the GGs. They are quite possibly the most adorable partnership on Strictly ever. Giovanni reminds us of Vincent and Georgia sounds like Joanne Clifton but reminds us of Louisa Lytton. We have a feeling they will go very far together. She may lack confidence, but actresses always know how to perform. Matchmaking factor – 10/10. Their potential 10/10.

Helen and Aljaz – We learnt that Helen practiced Call the Midwife birth scenes using her puppy (not sure how that’s relevant to Strictly, but anyway!) She idolised Darcey as a child. Her posture as a ballerina will definitely help. We’re sure they will do well. Matchmaking factor – 10/10. Their potential 10/10.

Kirsty and Brendan – We learnt that Kirsty is competitive about things, but not dance. She has been paired with the legend that is Brendan. Watching her in the group routine, we are sure she will excel on Strictly. Could Brendan become the first pro to win Strictly twice? We think he has a good chance! Matchmaking Factor – 10/10. Their potential 10/10.

Kellie and Kevin – Kellie’s parents are massive Kevin from Grimsby fans. Kevin seemed overjoyed and she seems to be super enthusiastic. We have a feeling that Team Kelvin will go far. Kevin knows how to bring out the best in his partners and with 2 finals in as many years, we hope a glitterball may go to Grimsby this year. Matchmaking Factor – 10/10. Their Potential 10/10.

Anita and Gleb – We secretly hoped Anita would be paired with Anton, partly becuase their team name would be Team Antita. Anita being paired with Gleb was a brilliant idea. All we can say is he’s gorgeous. My 5 year old called them Princess Jasmine and Aladdin! We think they will have a journey through a whole new world of dance. Matchmaking Factor – 10/10. Their Potential 9/10.

Katie and Anton – For once Anton has someone who can dance! *Cheers* We’re happy for Anton and have a feeling that Katie could be the prom queen on Strictly. She is enthusiastic, has rhythm and musicality which will take her far! Anton is a gentleman and the perfect prom king. Matchmaking Factor – 10/10. Their potential 9/10.

Carol and Pasha – We were impressed that Carol and Tess had coordinated outfits. Pasha was wowed by Carol’s smile. Breakfast people have a great reputation on Strictly and we have a feeling that Pasha is patient and the perfect partner for this little ray of sunshine! Matchmaking Factor – 10/10. Their potential 9/10.


Those are our thoughts on the partnerships. What do you think of these teams? Let us know your dream team names, as well as who you think will win. Comment below or tweet @scd_support to let us know.

Before we go, we must say that the group routine was quite possibly the best first dance ever. We’re back next week from 7pm for our weekly Strictly Support Group. We hope to see you then.



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