Strictly 2015 – The Launch Show By Bella (age 5 1/2)

Many of you will know that Bella, my 5 year old, is quite possibly Strictly’s biggest smallest fan! Strictly fever has hit our house over the last few weeks and nobody has been more excited than Bella! Yesterday night (and this morning, afternoon and evening) we sat down together and eagerly watched the Launch Show. I decided to interview her to find out what she thought of the show.

So, Bella. What did you think of the opening dance?

I liked the opening dance. I always knew that all the people on Strictly lived on the same Street! I want to live there too. Mummy, you said something about moving our house there. I think we need to make our house more glittery before we take it to Strictly Street. Will you let me paint my bedroom in glitter, please? Strictly Street looks like lots of fun, especially when they dance all the time. If you don’t move there, I’m going to live there when I’m bigger.
We’ll see, Bella. What do you think of the new pro dancers competing on Strictly?

I’ll miss Joanne  Ariel from Grimsby performing on the show as she was my favourite professional last year. But this year, we’ll get to see her on It Takes Two in the pro dances, and it means we’ll never ever forget the Crab and Scott won’t be jealous seeing her dance with another partner! I really like the new professional dancers. Oti looks like a princess and she can fly too! I want to learn to fly when I’m older. Daddy says I need to grow wings. I’ll get them if I eat lots of chicken. Mummy, can I have roast chicken for dinner?

And what do you think of Gleb and Giovanni, Bella?

Giovanni looks like a teddybear. He says he’s scared of Claudia. I think you should give him a cuddle mummy to make him not so scared. I don’t know about Gleb, but mummy you seemed very quiet watching him dance and said something about needing a fan. 

😚 Moving on Bella. What did you think of:

Ainsley and Natalie – I liked Ainsley’s shirt, it looked very colourful and bright. He looks like he’ll have lots of fun on Strictly which is important on Strictly. Natalie is a princess and I really like them. 

Jeremy and Karen – He likes sparkles and is doing Strictly to make his little girls proud. I wish my Daddy would learn to dance! Their names together, if you say them really fast are Karen-ine. Caroline won Strictly last year, so I want them to win.

Iwan and Ola – He says he wants to take his top off. I don’t think that’s a good idea, because he’ll get cold and ill! I think you need to make sure he keeps his top on!

Jay and Aliona –I think Jay needs to do a Lion King routine in week one, because he has longer hair than me. He seems really nervous. I want to give him a cuddle and make him more relaxed. Maybe if he cut his hair off he’ll be more relaxed.

Antony and Oti – I like these two together. They look like brother and sister. Mummy said they’re called team Go-goati. I’m not sure why, because they don’t look or dance like goats! 🐐

Daniel and Kristina – I don’t know who he is, but I think they’ll be good together as a partnership.

Peter and Janette – Janette was as excited as I was about strictly when she was paired with Peter. She even looked like my bunny rabbit (who’s called Janette Manrabbit!)

How about the girls, Bella. What did you think about:

Helen and Aljaz – Together they look like a prince and princess. She has a doggie and I like doggies. I think she will do well on Strictly.

Jamelia and Tristan – I liked it when Jamelia said she knew who she wanted to dance with on Strictly. I think if I was on Strictly, I’d want to dance with Giovanni or Kevin or Pasha and nobody else. I’m only little though, so they may need to go on their knees to dance with me.

Kirsty and Brendan – She has a sparkly football. Mummy, I said Strictly was better than football! She looked like a princess in a pink dress and dances really well. I like these two together.

Georgia and Giovanni – Georgia looked like Tinkerbell which makes Giovanni Peter Pan. I think these two will be magical on the dancefloor together. They get my vote too!

Kellie and Kevin – I think these two are going to have so much fun together! I like them and want to help Kevin win the glitterball this year. He’s been in the final twice, so needs to win it this time, or else!

Anita and Gleb  – She looks like princess Jasmine and he is Aladdin! Wow, they may fly on Strictly. That’s so cool!

Katie and Anton – Anton normally has people who can’t dance, but Katie can dance. This could be good.

Carol and Pasha – My dance teacher always tells me to smile, and these two keep smiling. I like them too!

So Bella, you seem to like a lot of the couples. Who would you like to see win this year?

I want them all to win. Can you ask Mrs Strictly to change the rules so they all win, please? I promise I won’t steal your phone to vote lots this year.

*Looks up Mrs Strictly’s phone number in the phonebook* One last question. What did you think of the group dance?

It was uh-may-zing! Joanne from Grimsby was singing and dancing in it too. Daddy says the singer isn’t really Joanne, but I think he’s lying which is naughty! Joanne was dancing too. She must have superpowers to do that, and she can catch toast in her mouth too!

And what rating would you give the show overall Bella?

Len would give it a Ten, Craig would give it a Nine (because he’s mean) and I’d give it a 1000/10! It was brilliant.

Thank you Bella. Now, go to bed before it’s too late. We hope you liked Bella’s post. She’ll be giving her thoughts throughout the show this year too!

Cassie 🙂 


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