Strictly 2015 – News at Ten(ish) – The last few days in the training room.

Welcome to tonight’s Strictly News. The last few days on Planet Strictly have been sparkly and truly fab-u-lous.

One of the professional dancers has turned into a strictly super-sleuth! We think Sherlock Jolmes has a better ring to it than Sherlock Holmes:

Iwan and Ola started rehearsals and it’d seem that Ola has been working him hard:

We also got to see two of our couples taking their first steps:

We must say they both look awesome!

There have been fun and games and coffee in the training room:

And there have been sore feet and worn socks which tells us how hard the couples are working. Look away if you are squeamish:

To end the week Strictly have headed over to the National Lottery Awards. We must say they are all looking fab-u-lous:

That ends tonight’s news bulletin. We’re back tomorrow from 7pm for our weekly Strictly Support Group. We hope you can join us then.



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