Strictly News At Ten (ish) – It’s just another Manic Monday (woah-oh!)

We wish it were a Sunday (but not results show as that means someone has to go home!)  Anyway, it was a start of a new week and our pros and celebrities returned to the studio for some fab-u-lous rehearsals and perfection of their routines!

We learnt that one of the celebrities has been hiding for a long time, practising her routine. Ooh, look, here she is:

We also learnt that one of our celebrities has a lot of respect for his professional partner (and rightly so!)

We also saw one of our couples take their first steps. Must say, they’re looking good so far:

We were also treated to some fab-u-lous pictures from the Strictly team! Thanks guys:

And finally, we learnt that today there was an injury! (If you’re squeamish, look away now:)

Just proof that our pros and celebrities are working extra hard.

That ends tonight’s bulletin. We’ll be back tomorrow night for our next bulletin. Goodnight everyone!

Cassie šŸ™‚


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