Strictly 2015 – What our panel of experts thought of the Launch Show!

Over this series, we’ll be asking some Strictly experts to give their views on the series as it happens! We asked the wonderful and inspirational Phil, Trishna and Anna from The People’s Strictly to tell us what they thought of the Launch Show. Here are their opinions:


Trishna – I LOVED the Launch Show. Being back at Elstree to see it being recorded was fantastic. It took all my willpower to not gather up the rest of the People’s Strictly gang and do a flash mob during the breaks!! It just served to remind me how Planet Strictly is a completely different world. It really is true that everything is so colourful, sparkly and fun!

If everyone could get the Strictly Express every day, I think people would enjoy their commute to work MUCH more. Imagine every morning being able to dance down the aisles as you headed into work! (We love this thought!) 

It was great to see Caroline and Pasha back together for one night only and Jess Glynn and Gregory Porter’s performances were brilliant. I was particularly excited to be seeing Gregory Porter live because I’ve really enjoyed watching him perform on TV in the past. The group dance was fun to watch. I know how nervous all the celebs must have been, but they seemed to really enjoy themselves and that’s good because it’s the one time they can truly let themselves go on the dancefloor without worrying about impressing anyone!

There’s quite a few pairings that I’m looking forward to seeing develop. I think Ainsley and Natalie are going to have a lot of fun, which I think will come through in their routines. I always love seeing celebs enjoying themselves on the dancefloor, so they are definitely ones to watch. 

I’m obviously supporting Helen and Aljaz, and I have a feeling Helen is going to be very good! I think this pairing could reach the latter stages of the competition, which could start to get interesting because I think Peter and Janette are also in with a strong chance! 

Anthony and Jay both seem to think they’re not going to be very good, so I’m also looking forward to seeing how they perform and develop under the watchful eyes of Oti and Aliona. I think both the girls are going to really take their partners under their wings in order to get the best out of them, so I’d love to see their nerves disappear and for them to really go for it. 

Jeremy and Karen could be the dark horses of the competition, while Anita just needs to work on being able to look gorgeous Gleb in the face (to be fair, it’s a problem I know all too well!). I’m looking forward to seeing Katie reach the final with Anton! Lol! Anton’s face when he realised who he’d got was a picture! I really hope they do well!  

Finally, I think Georgia and Giovanni are going to be tough to keep up with, considering they’re both so young and full of energy!? That’s going to be brilliant for most of the Latin dances, and of course the quickstep. I really hope we see them take it up a notch so that we’re all left wondering, how did they make it through that?!


Anna – I think Peter Andre and Janette seem favourites at the minute and they make a cute couple. They will have fun but will be hungry to win I think as the show develops most of the contestants will step up their game once the nerves have settled. Iwan will give his all. He has good hip movements. I think Ainsley looks good too and Natalie is a hard worker and is competitive so will work Ainsley hard. Let’s see as the show progresses.


– After much hype as to who would be on Strictly 2015 I was finally sitting in the Strictly ballroom waiting for the show recording to start! Sat beside me were my five People’s Strictly pals Trishna, Mike, Anna, Cass and Heather! Ainsley was the first celeb to be shown to us and we were all thrilled when he was partnered with Natalie! Natalie is an amazing dancer and also one of my favourite pros along with Aliona & Kristina ! I think they will get on famously and he already has some moves so if he works hard he should be a contender! Then Jay and Aliona were joined together in Holy Strictlyness! Jay seemed a bit like a deer in the headlights but when he relaxes I’m sure he will be able to bust a few moves! Jeremy and Karen were next and he seemed to lap it all up! I didn’t see much of his dancing in the group dance so I will wait to see what Karen can coax out of him beneath the glitterball! Iwan Thomas was always a hero of mine on the track so I can’t wait to see him perform as his determination as an athlete was admirable and Ola will certainly make him work hard – although I hear that his prior work commitments are heavy so let’s hope he can pick things up quickly! Jamelia is a lively beautiful lady, full of attitude and strength so I would like to be a fly on the wall to see how Tristan and her get on with their training! Kirsty and Brendan were next – I can’t wait to see these two perform – Brendan always seems to bring out the best in all his partners! Kellie and Kevin will have a fantastic time together in my opinion – what a lovely man and a fantastic dancer too! New hunk Giovanni will certainly get votes as he and Georgia will make sure that they set the dance floor alight – definitely one of the front runners in my opinion! Helen and Aljaz are another possible winning combination this year! Helen looked stunning in the group dance -and Aljaz didn’t look too shabby either! Kristina is amazing but I think she may have her hands full trying to coax Daniel to bring out his sexy side! Who knows he may surprise us all and if anyone can do it, it’s Kristina! Anthony is carrying an injury but his boxing training and dedication should see him through to the latter stages of the competition and Oti looks formidable! At last Anton has a serious chance this year with a decent partner – his joy was palpable and lovely to see! Carol was delighted to get Pasha – well who wouldn’t be??? Anita looked as if she can handle the dance steps and the gorgeous Gleb will soon whip her into a frenzy! Finally my wonderful People’s Strictly partner Janette was so excited to be paired with Peter – I think this must surely be one of the favourite pairs to win! They are both like firecrackers and will move heaven and earth to perfect their routines! All in all it seems to me we have one of the strongest ever celeb lineups this year and it will be probably the toughest year to date! I wish everyone the best of luck and if they enjoy it half as much as I did then they are sure to have the time of their lives!

So that’s what these uh-may-zing people thought of the partnerships. Let us know what you thought too. Comment below or tweet @scd_support to let us know.

Cassie 🙂 


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