Strictly Support Group – Our Rugby World Cup and Reality TV show!

Yesterday the Rugby World Cup kicked off in this green and pleasant land. With just 6 more sleeps until Strictly is back tonight we hosted a Rugby World Cup and Reality TV chat.

We kicked off our chat with a Rugby Match asking you of all the rugby players to have ever appeared on Strictly, who do you think deserves to win a glittery strictly rugby ball and why? What was your favourite Strictly moment of theirs? We had some uh-may-zing answers. Here are our favourites:

We loved all these suggestions! For our next question we asked In Rugby, the object is to score a try. Who on strictly do you think has tried hardest? We had some uh-may-zing answers. Here were the answers that deserved 3 points in our opinion:

We then moved on to ask you for the moment which has made you want to tackle our judges the most? We must say one particular judge got more tackles than the others (no names mentioned but look out Craig, you need to give some 10s this year! πŸ˜†):

For our next question we asked Which Strictly Routine do you think is fit for an opening ceremony? You gave some fab-u-lous answers. Like these:

We then moved on our chat to ask Matt Dawson famously performed the Hakarena earlier this week, which went viral. If you could choose a strictly routine to put fear in your opponents which routine would you choose and why?

We then moved on to talk about all things Reality TV. We asked firstly: If you could mash-up any reality show with Strictly, which reality show would it be? Here were some of our favourite answers:

We love all these suggestions, particularly as one of them involves cake, one involved fabulous vintage costumes, and the other two have already been tried before! The gogglebox suggestion sounds great too, after all seeing their reactions to Strictly, they look brilliant! 

We then asked who on Strictly has the X Factor and why? Here were your chart-topping suggestions:

For our final question we asked who is like a Big Brother on Strictly and why? You gave some wonderful answers like these:

That ended tonight’s chat. We’re back on Tuesday from 8pm for our weekly quiz. It’s our last one before Strictly starts on Friday. 

During the series, we’ll be tweeting along during the live show, as well as hosting fortnightly chats and quizzes and giving our verdicts on the performances every week. We’ll have our strictly experts giving their verdicts too. There’ll be plenty of fun for you to join in with every week.

As ever, we’ll bring you the news as it happens too! We can’t wait *squeals*

Cassie πŸ™‚ 


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