The Last Tango – A Review by @serenepingu

Last night, my lovely (and very lucky) friend Serene, went to opening night of Vincent and Flavia’s show The Last Tango. This is going to be their farewell show, so we predict it’ll get a little emosh *sends everyone a packet of Kleenex.* She kindly agreed to review the show in exchange for a penguin for our blog. Here are her thoughts on the show.

Being “vertically challenged!” (5 foot and half an inch – the half-inch is vital!) I always loved watching Vincent and Flavia dance. Having loved their show Dance ‘Til Dawn and having heard they were performing their farewell show The Last Tango, I couldn’t resist going (and taking my mum along – another petite Vincent fan!)

Admittedly, before we arrived at the theatre, my mum did ask “Is it anything to do with that programme on TV, Last Tango in Halifax?” I soon corrected her and she was very happy! The show follows George (Teddy Kempner – narrator from Dance ‘Til Dawn) reminiscing over his youth whilst clearing the attic. 

The dancing once again captured our imaginations. Set in the 1940s and 1950s there were some of our favourite dances such as energetic Charleston and Quickstep routines as well as glamourous Foxtrots and of course chilling Argentine Tango routines. We were treated to Tango Waltzes, and a dramatic Flamenco routine *stamps feet* 

There is a strong storyline throughout, even if there is minimal dialogue! It is a show full of emotion. Dance communicates with the soul just like poetry. There are elements that will make you cry (the schindler’s list routine – take tissues), elements that will make you laugh (Flavia winning a teddybear as big as her – as short people we know how this feels!), elements filled with drama and passion (Flavia’s brilliant Flamenco dance!) and elements that will make you jump for joy! Dances flowed perfectly from one movement to the other and we must say that Flavia and Vincent can tell a story perfectly through dance. 

Credit must go to the talented Vicky Gill who designed all the costumes for the show. We love 1940s and 50s fashion and there were many highlights for us. They were super sparkly, full of detail and we particularly loved Flavia’s Argentine Tango dress at the end. It made her sparkle like a Glitterball.

Once again, music played a huge part in this show. Credit must go to Matthew Gent and the female vocalist (whose name escapes us) who are phenomenally talented. Dancing and singing at the same time left us speechless. The band were brilliant too and captured the 1940s and 1950s feel perfectly. We also have to give credit to all the ensemble who danced in perfect synchronicity and complemented Flavia and Vincent perfectly. 

The final dance was a chilling Argentine Tango, which left us with a final magical memory of Flavia and Vincent’s dancing. We’ll never forget this! We thought that Dance ‘Til Dawn couldn’t be topped, but this show has done what we thought was impossible. It deserved many standing ovations. We loved it and are pretty sure most Strictly Fans will too! Now, any chance this can be the second-to-last-tango? (we’d love to see this show stay on tour longer!)

Thank you Serene for reviewing the show. If you’re going to see the show, we’d love to hear what you think of it too. Tweet @scd_support or comment below to let us know.



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