Strictly 2015 – Our Favourite Ever First Dances!

There is just one more sleep until Strictly is back, and Strictly fever has well and truly descended on the nation! In honour of this great event, we’re showing you our top 5 first dances ever performed on Strictly.

5) Mark and Karen’s Cha Cha Cha

Cast your mind back to 9 years ago, when Arlene got a little bit flustered and Len got a little bit grumpy about this routine! If a routine goes on last during the show, you know it’s going to be a good’un, and these two didn’t disappoint. Mark came out of his shell, and Karen’s choreography was truly brilliant. It was the sort of dance that really made us smile. They scored the highest score on the night, 27, and it made this couple one of our favourite couples ever! 

4) Abbey and Aljaz’s Waltz

For a good first dance, as well as good technique you also need emotion. This dance did make us blub like a baby as it was so subtle, beautiful and perfect. The music was beautiful, the costumes even more so and the choreography was just graceful and perfect. We loved it and in our opinion it deserved 9s  and 10s. We hope you do too:

3) Simon and Kristina’s Jive

Performing a Jive in week one takes bravery from both pros and celebs. It is one of the toughest dances, but Simon and Kristina’s Jive was one of our favourites of week 1 2014. It had energy and brilliant choreography which was very well executed. We loved it and hope you will too:

2) Frankie and Kevin’s Waltz

*Chants* Umbrellas are not bad luck on the Strictly Dancefloor, Umbrellas are not bad luck on the Strictly Dancefloor. (Especially when they have sparkly bits on them) Kevin’s choreography is always original and well matched for his celebrity. This dance was no exception. Frankie’s dress gave us serious dress envy and the arrangement of the music was truly brilliant. The dance was beautifully performed and it moved me (a very hormonal and pregnant lady – at the time) to happy tears.

1) Austin and Erin’s Waltz

Len knows his stuff. So when he said this dance was the best ever first dance from a male celebrity, we have to agree. It was hard to tell Austin apart from the male professionals throughout series 6, and we were upset when he left. This routine was beautiful, elegant and had everything we love about Strictly in one dance.

Now you’ve seen our favourite first dances, we want to hear what your favourite first dances are. You can tweet us @scd_support or comment below to let us know!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie πŸ™‚ 


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