Strictly 2015 – Week 1 Show 1 – Performance Review!

Today we have been mainly running around like crazy people, getting ready for and excited about Strictly being back on our screens.

Not only have the uh-may-zing people at Strictly given us our own Emoji, but tonight we got to see 6 of our wonderful class of 2015 take to the floor for the very first time!

The show kicked off with Anton & Claudia coordinating their outfits to walk down the stairs of Planet Strictly. We’re pretty sure they planned it the night before, which is what we love about Strictly.

Bearing in mind that last year’s champion kicked off Strictly 2014, this year Kellie and Kevin took to the floor with an impressive Tango! We thought it was fabulous and it set the scene for Strictly 2015. No pressure guys!

Not only was the dancing great, but Kellie gave us our quote of the night:

Kellie’s outfit looked wonderful. In fact, we’ve made a space for it in our wardrobe. The music was brilliant, and Kevin’s choreography was original as ever. For us they deserved a 9! Our judges gave them a 27/40.

Next up were Antony and Oti with a brilliant Jive. 

Whoever chose their song deserves a glitterball in their own right! Wake me up before you (O)Gogo, is a great choice for a Jive, but an even better choice for this couple. There was some confusion in my house, as Antony said he felt like a tree. We didn’t see any leaves on him so my 5 year old was a little bit confused.

Overall, they had energy and looked great together. They deserved an 8 in our opinion. 

Our next couple were Helen and Aljaz whose Waltz brought tears to our eyes.

It was graceful, poised and elegant and made us cry happy tears, so much so, we couldn’t see our keyboard properly (it just became a blubbery mess!) It reminded us of Abbey and Aljaz’s waltz in week one of Strictly 2013. We think these two could go the whole way and lift the glitterball. 

In our opinion they deserved a 10. Our judges scored them 29/40 (the highest score!)

Carol and Pasha took to the dancefloor with their Cha Cha Cha. It opened with Carol hosting a weather forecast. 

We wish all weather forecasts were like this *imagines Pasha joining the BBC breakfast team.* 

Nerves got the better of her. Her dress was beautiful, but we wanted to reach into the TV and give her a hug. For energy and enthusiasm from us she deserved a Strictly 7. Our judges gave her 16/40.

We then were taken across to Ireland to see Daniel and Kristina perform their Waltz.

 Watching their rehearsal, we had to say that Daniel is quite possibly the most adorable human being ever! My 5 year old said “he looks like a teddybear!” Their performance was charming, endearing and all warm and fuzzy. We loved it. Our judges were surprised too. We awarded him an 8/10. 

We know on Strictly, the best are always saved till last and Anita and some bloke from Russia Gleb took to the floor with a Countryfile themed Cha-Cha-Cha. 

It took us back to 2010, when Matt Baker was paired with Aliona. We must say that Anita put on a great performance and together they were truly uh-may-zing. She really gave it some welly! We gave them a 9/10. Our judges awarded them 27/40.

At the end of the night they were all our favourites. It’d seem your favourites were Anita, Helen and Kellie! Let us know what you thought of tonight. You can tweet @scd_support, or comment below to let us know. We look forward to hearing from you. 

We’re back tomorrow from 6pm tweeting along with the second live show as it happens.  We hope to see you there!

Cassie πŸ™‚


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