Strictly 2015 – It Takes Two – Show 1 Recap

It’s finally back! The most sparkly sister show to Strictly Come Dancing ever samba’d back onto our screens tonight. To say we’re excited would be the understatement of the year, decade, century! Here’s what we learnt tonight:

1) We learnt that Zoe Ball has been sat waiting for the last 9 months in her glittery studio counting down the sleeps until It Takes Two is back, Glad we’re not alone! Must say we loved Zoe’s jacket. It was fab-u-lous.

2) We also learnt the Glitterball has been “temporarily borrowed” by Zoe and the team and boy does it look shiny, sparkly and glittery.

Jeremy and Karen then joined Zoe on the sofa. 

1) We learnt that Jeremy Vine is a very fast mover (moving from Eggheads to It Takes Two in a couple of minutes. He was also too nervous to watch his first dance back and does a very good Karen impression. *Imagines Jeremy and Kevin going head to head for King of Impressions crown*

2) We learnt the judges loved his and Karen’s performance, even if the scores didn’t reflect it.
3)  Karen and Jeremy are dancing American Smooth this weekend and he’ll be in tails!

7) We saw a backstage video showing that everyone was nervous. Kellie’s reaction to performing first on Strictly 2015 was classic (hoping she didn’t give herself concussion

Ainsley and Natalie then tangoed over to the sofa. We learnt that

1) He was terrified of the Tango, but we loved his Tango Face.

2) We learnt they are the most adorable couple ever and are dancing the salsa this week – a dance he should be brilliant at (as he can shimmy and has great hip action.)

3) We learnt they had a painful incident with a microphone pack hitting Ainsley’s manhood.

Karen Hardy then came back and gave her verdict on the couples’ performances this week. She was also given an adorable bib for her bubba (my 9 month old suffered her first case of wardrobe envy too.)

We learnt that she thought:

1) Kellie and Kevin’s routine was challenging, fast and had lots of changes in tempo which she handled brilliantly.

2) Anthony and Oti will go far. He’s a sportsman and has great footwork.

3) Helen and Aljaz – had gorgeous choreography, confidence and performed great turns

4) Carol was left alone too much, got lost and needs more guidance from Pasha

5) Daniel and Kristina had great footwork and as we all know footwork is the foundation of movement.

6) Anita shows great promise and can choreograph her arms already!

Iwan and Ola then joined Zoe in the It Takes Two hub. We heard that:

1) He was under-rehearsed for his Tango

2) He’s embraced the strictly madness and loves a fake tan. Ladies form an orderly queue to spray tan Iwan.

3) They’re dancing the cha-cha this week and we must point out Ola’s dress looked gorgeous.

That ended tonight’s It Takes two.

Cassie 🙂 


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