Strictly 2015 – It Takes Two Show 2 Recap

Tonight’s show opened with a game of pass the glitterball (a game we want to play at our next Strictly themed party!) Zoe was joined in the studio by Georgia and Giovanni, Anthony and Oti and Jay and Aliona as well as the lovely Karen Hardy!

Georgia and Giovanni were first to join Zoe on the sofa. We learnt that:

 1) Georgia got a tweet from Meghan Trainor saying she loved their dance to her song.

2) Their Jive was fast enough but the music was made even faster when they got to the studio! Speedy Gonzalez eat your heart out!

3) From now on Giovanni is known as #sonofsimone- Benvenuto al mundo de Strictly dolce patata!

4) Giovanni says Georgia is a good all-rounder and is even better at Ballroom than she is at Latin. They’re dancing the Waltz this week.

5) We learnt that they use Boxing gloves in the training room – wonder if they’ll try this on Anthony and Craig if he gives them low scores.

We also got a sneak-peek from Sherlock Jolmes (aka Joanne from Grimsby) at the group pro-dance rehearsals. This week it’s all about the girls! Karen is wind, Oti is love and Janette can fly! It sounds amazing!

Anthony and Oti then joined Zoe on the sparkly sofa! We learnt:

1) Anthony was concerned by his trouser-splitting Jive but Oti calmed him down. 

2) Anthony calls Oti the boss and he makes her cry with laughter during rehearsals.

3) He listens and takes orders well, but his memory fails him. 

4) They’re doing  the waltz this week. Anthony feels like he has 4 legs.

We were then introduced to a new feature Tunes on Tuesday! They’ve even given Zoe a Jukebox with magical powers. Couples appear as holograms beside the jukebox! We learnt that:

Iwan and Ola are dancing Cha Cha Cha to Sexy and I know it. We foresee lots of bum wiggling!
Jeremy and Karen are dancing the American Smooth to Happy together.

and Ainsley and Natalie are dancing Salsa to Don’t you touch my tomatoes.

Karen’s Choreography Corner
had its second instalment on the show. We learnt that:

She was impressed by Jay and Aliona as he took command. He is her lollipop and the dark horse

She felt that Kirsty and Brendan have a  great frame and once she calms her nerves.

She felt the judges were very mean to Jeremy and Karen. He was loving the routine and giving his all! She also praised Karen’s choreography!

Georgia and Giovanni performed an incredible jive and their energy increased as the dance went on. She can spin very fast (faster than a washing machine!) but needs control. She thinks they are a great partnership

She said that Ainsley and Natalie had lots of emotion and passion, but as a result he was cuddling Natalie like a teddybear!

Katie and Anton – Anton is going to have to keep up with her for a long time to come.

She said that Iwan and Ola need to work on his technique but he has lots of enthusiasm.

For Jamelia and Tristan she felt she has great poise and posture, but needs to make sure she knows her steps and choreography!

Karen fell in love with Peter and Janette due to his great hip action and Janette’s great choreography.

Jay and Aliona then joined Zoe on the sofa. We learnt:
1) Jay made his mum cry and he felt embarrassed getitng so close to Aliona with his mum near him (aww!)

2) Aliona feels her curse of leaving early may have been broken with Jay. He picks up choreography well and is very touch on himself.

3) He is a caveman and walks like a caveman.

4) This week they’re doing the waltz – he really likes it when they’re in time and enjoys the feeling of it! Aliona’s got bruises from trying to move Jay as he’s a lot heavier than her and his hair may surprise us.

That ended tonight’s It Takes Two. 

Cassie πŸ™‚ 


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