Strictly 2015 – It Takes Two – Show 3 Recap

On tonight’s It Takes Two, Zoe was joined by Ian Waite, Kevin and Kellie, Jamelia and Tristan and Peter and Janette.

We learnt that Ian is Zoe’s brother from another mother and her Fairy Dance Godfather (there when she needs him!)

We also had gifts galore. As it was Ola’s birthday she was given a pair of sparkly shorts and Kevin was given a set of wooden spoons for him and Karen.

Kellie and Kevin joined Zoe on the sofa first. Must say we loved the matching glasses! We learnt:

1) She was glad to get her dance out of the way and be first on Strictly 2015. She feels that Strictly is a dream come true and feels very lucky to be a part of it.

2) Kevin is now a seasoned pro! Makes it sound like he’s had a sprinkling of salt and pepper on him!

3) Matt Di Angelo has been giving Kellie tips.

4) She’s dancing the cha cha cha this week and has been listening to the music all the time and driving her husband mad.

We then got to know Gleb Savchenko a little better (it’s not how it sounds!) We learnt that he:

1) started dancing aged 7

2) loves dancing the waltz, charleston and hip hop!

Now, the part we’ve all waited for for 9 months, Ian Waite’s Wednesday Warm-Up. We learnt that:

He is very impressed with the standard this year and week 1’s routines.

We saw Gleb and Anita’s Charleston practice which looks amazing. He loves the great spins in the dance.

He also showed us Helen and Aljaz’s Cha Cha Cha. He loves her legs and but she needs to settle into her hips.

He said Ainsley suits the Salsa perfectly as he has great natural rhythm, but he needs to do something about his hands.

Anthony needs to stand up and Iwan needs to work on his feet. 

He also showed us Peter and Janette’s Quickstep training which looks light, frothy and brilliant. He feels that Kellie and Kevin‘s cha cha looks great but she needs to keep her legs together in her checks. He also said that Kirsty and Brendan need to keep rhythmical and fast throughout their Salsa. He said that Jamelia and Tristan’s Cha cha looks good but she needs to turn her feet out. 

Zoe was then joined by Jamelia and Tristan on the sofa. We learnt that :

1) Jamelia loved everything about Strictly but hated being judged. 
2) She is Little Miss Giggles and laughed her way through the performance on Saturday.

3) She was gutted with her score at first but agrees with what the judges said watching her routine back.

4) She’s dancing the cha cha cha this week and is working hard on her footwork.

Peter and Janette then joined Zoe in the studio. We learnt:

1) He was petrified and having heart palpitations throughout the show but when he got on the dancefloor he felt alive.

2) It was the first time Peter had ever worn high-waisted trousers. He thinks Simon Cowell has been watching the show for years.

3) Peter says sorry a lot in training. Sorry guys!

4) They’re dancing the quickstep this week. He’s finding it scary, but needs to remember his footwork, elbows and posture.

That ended tonight’s show!

Cassie πŸ™‚ 


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