Strictly 2015 – When things get spooky! A week 6 performance review 🕸🎃👻🎃👻🕸

*Hides behind her cushion* Tonight, the remaining 11 couples took to the dancefloor for the spooktacular that is the Halloween Special.


We prepared our cauldrons and sat down dressed as cats, spidercats and pumpkins in preparation for the show and it did not disappoint!

We were filled with fear from the start seeing that Jeremy, Jay and Peter have been scaring the girls casting spells and a hauntingly and frightfully brilliant group dance!

Credit must go to the make-up, hair, costume and props department as well as the hugely talented Strictly band and singers and the creative team, who helped create a spooktacular atmosphere for a show we will never forget.

First up were Katie and Anton with their Paso Doble. This was Phantom of the Opera themed. We must say Anton’s choreography was brilliant and Katie captured the character and vulnerability of Christine perfectly. We really enjoyed the performance and were unsure what the judges were watching. In our opinion they deserved an 8/10. Our judges awarded them a disappointing 21/40.

Next up were Kirsty and Brendan who performed a vampire inspired Charleston. We learnt in their VT that Kirsty has really become a vampire bat, prompting my 5 year old to say, if she’s a bat and can fly this routine will be awesome! They started well, however nerves got her in a flap and the routine didn’t go to plan. In our opinion as well as a hug, they deserved a 7/10. Our judges gave them a disappointing 17/40. *wonders where the judges’ 7, 8, 9 and 10 paddles have gone!*

Jeremy and Karen then thrilled us with their Salsa! We must say Karen’s make-up and whole look was one of our favourites. They were performing a zombie-fied dance. Cue my 5 year old saying “mummy, they don’t really look like bees do they?” They captured the character of the dance perfectly and there were lots of Thriller (Michael Jackson-esque) moves. We gave them a 9/10. Our judges awarded them 22/40 which put Jeremy top of the leaderboard *does a little dance to celebrate.* 

Anita and Gleb were next to enchant us with a spell-binding and wanderful Waltz. She was Malificent and flew in. It was a truly dramatic dance full of character and beauty! In fact, it was so beautiful, it moved us to tears. In our opinion, they deserved a 10/10. Our judges gave them 29/40.

We then did the time warp with Jamelia and Tristan who performed a Halloween-inspired Jive. As a tall-ish person (5’6″) the Jive is a tough dance to keep compact and we felt that they did a decent job of this dance. It suited their character and in our opinion they deserved an 8/10. Our judges awarded her 26/40.

It was storytime next for Jay and Aliona who performed a fairytale of an American Smooth with a Red Riding hood theme. The Strictly werewolf making department did a great job turning Jay from man into wolf. It got us thinking:

The dance was beautiful and we felt it deserved a Strictly 10. Our judges gave them 34/40!

The train to Hogwarts then arrived to take us to see Kellie and Kevin’s Paso Doble. It was Harry Potter themed and Kevin made a great Harry in our opinion. Kevin’s choreography is always original and creative and this Paso Doble was no exception. He is king of the Paso! We loved the routine, although as a mum, I am slightly concerned my daughter may attempt their Paso in the school canteen on Monday. (Warning: Don’t try their steps at home! It is dangerous!) In our opinion, they deserved a 9/10. Our judges awarded them 28/40.

Pasha and Carol then made us fall in love with them with their Rumba. It was adorable. OK, the judges were very critical but Rumba is a notoriously hard dance to master. We thought she did a good job, and deserved a 7 in our opinion. Our judges gave them 13/40.

We then learnt who we’d call in an emergency. We’d call Georgia and Giovanni. They were the most adorable ghostbusters, but also performed the fastest Tango we’ve ever seen on Strictly. There was lots of content and they mastered it. We thought they deserved a 10/10. Our judges gave them the highest score of the night, 35/40!

The penultimate couple to dance were Peter and Janette with their ghostly and haunting Foxtrot. We loved it and once again Janette’s choreography was creative and imaginative. Her outfit was beautiful and Peter did a great job. We felt he deserved a 9/10. Our judges gave them 28/40!

We then took a trip to Egypt for Helen and Aljaz’s mummy-inspired Samba. Helen admitted she felt very British dancing Samba however we felt she nailed the character of this dance and looked like a real carnival queen! It had a real party atmosphere. In our opinion they deserved 10/10. Our judges gave them 34/40!

So that ended tonight’s Strictly. It left Georgia and Giovanni at the top of the leaderboard and Carol and Pasha at the bottom. We’d love to hear who were your favourites. Vote in the poll below to let us know:

We’re back tomorrow from 7pm tweeting along with the live results show. Hope to see you then!

Cassie 🙂 


Strictly Support Group – Trick or Treat!

Tonight, as all us Strictly fans are glued to our TV screens watching our favourite show, many will be taking part in Trick or Treating.

It got us thinking, if you could pull a Strictly Trick on anyone from the show who would it be and what would you do?

When I asked my little girl she said I’d steal Craig’s 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 paddles, so he couldn’t give anyone a bad score!” Good one Bella!

For me, I’d have to steal Bruno’s chair! That way he’d have nothing to fall off.

I also asked some of our panel of experts what they would do:

Anna Kennedy – All I can think of is dress as a Halloween prop and be there before judges arrive. During the show I’d jump out behind Bruno and squeal!

Phil Barnett – I would love to trick all the pros by giving them a week where all the celebs were swapped to a different pro! 

We’re really evil aren’t we! *evil laugh like Mutley from Wacky Races* 😈

On a lighter note, remembering the fantastic work our professionals and celebrities do, I then thought how could we treat them on Halloween.

When I asked Bella, her answer was Give Kevin from Grimsby a 10 from Craig! He’s never given him a 10 and he and Kellie deserve one because they are uh-may-zing!

To treat our professionals and celebrities, as a treat, I’d make sure nobody would be eliminated on Halloween week, and everyone would be given a card onto the next week’s show!

And what did our experts think?
Phil Barnett I know it’s not exactly what you were looking for but my idea of a Halloween treat would be to be on It Takes Two with all my Peoples Strictly mates! ( of course actually doing a dance on Halloween week would be the ultimate treat!!! )

We all love Strictly a lot and there are certain moments that for us have been true treats on Halloween. In fact, so much so, we’ve made a Halloween Playlist for you all. Click the link below to see it:

If you can think of any more routines to add to this list, let us know and we’ll add them as soon as we can.

We’re back tonight from 6pm tweeting and treating you all during the Strictly live show. Hope to see you there.

Cassie 🙂 

Strictly Support Group Does Halloween!

*Hides behind cushion* It’s about to get very spooky! This weekend, the remaining 11 couples take to the ballroom floor in what will be the most spooktacular Halloween show ever!

Tonight, in preparation for the show, we hosted a Halloween themed chat. We began by asking, what for you is the most spooktacular halloween moment ever on Strictly and what made it so great? We had some uh-may-zing suggestions from you, like these:

We then moved on to ask, what’s been the scariest or spookiest moment on Strictly for you and why? We had a couple of fab-u-lous and freaky answers. Here are our favourites:

We know that we’re all in for a treat on Saturday, but for our next question, we asked if you could treat anyone of the couples on Strictly with a special gift for Halloween, who would it be and what would you give them? Here are our favourite answers of the night:

We then moved on to ask this… We know that when the Strictly cast are together they are a bunch of cheeky (but loveable) monkeys! Who do you think is most likely to play a trick on the others and what would they do this Halloween? Here are our favourite answers:

We think we’re all agreed that Brendan and Anton will play a Halloween trick on the others and possibly the Cliftons will do something cheeky backstage! 

For our final question tonight, we asked who you thought would be most spooktacular this weekend. Here are your answers:

That ended tonight’s chat. We’re back on Saturday from 6pm tweeting along with the live show as it happens. Hope to see you then.

Cassie 🙂 

Strictly 2015 – It Takes Two (Show 24 Recap)

On tonight’s Thursday thriller of an It Takes Two Zoe was joined by the real (and an apparition of) Michael Flatley, Georgia and Giovanni, Carol and Pasha, The 2 Lisas from hair and make-up and the most adorable Dracula ever, Ian Waite!

First up were Georgia and Giovanni. We learnt:

1) She was terrified dancing first.

2) She has a new famous fan – Joan Collins who tweeted her after the show.

3) Giovanni is very impressed with Georgia as she mirrors him perfectly, when they’re doing solo work, which is very hard to do.

4) They’re dancing Tango this week to Ghostbusters and we can’t get over the fact how adorable Giovanni looks in a bow tie!

The most adorable Dracula ever, Ian, then joined us for Waite’s Warm-Up. He told us:

1) Carol and Jamelia need to straighten their knees

2) Peter looks good in their Foxtrot but he needs to keep his shoulders down.

3) Jeremy’s Salsa looks good! He’s getting the character right!

4) Jay needs to keep his shoulder up!

We then met the fab-u-lous Lisa and Lisa from Strictly hair and make-up. We learnt:
1) Lots of hair pins, glue and hairspray are used to keep hair in place

2) Pasha will be green again this weekend! *Drools remembering him as Shrek in 2011*

Carol and Pasha then joined Zoe on the sofa. We learnt:

1) They felt wonderful dancing the Viennese Waltz

2) Carol wasn’t aware of Pasha pushing her in the pivots, despite what Craig said.

3) This week they’re dancing the Rumba. She’s finding it lots of fun and is discovering muscles she didn’t know she had!

4) She’s getting up close and personal with Pasha! 

Finally, Michael Flatley joined Zoe. We learnt:
1) Usain Bolt copied his move. Michael’s been doing it all his life.

2) He loves all the couples, and thinks the professionals are incredible (we agree!)

3) He loved Daniel O’Donnell! He also loves Katie, Jeremy and Jay.

4) If he was a strictly judge, he’d be looking for star quality and a performance element.

5) His tip for any aspiring dancer is to work hard, follow your dream and good things will happen.

That ended tonight’s It Takes Two. We’re back tomorrow from 6pm for another recap. Hope to see you there!

Cassie 🙂 

Strictly 2015 – It Takes Two – Show 23 Recap

On tonight’s It Takes Two, the set was transformed into a spooky (and scary) place. Zoe was joined by Anita and Gleb, Peter and Janette, A giant spider, a bird and Ian Waite dressed in red as a devil!

First on the sofa were Anita and Gleb. We learnt that:

1) They’re taking each week as it comes and are genuinely surprised and thrilled by the judges’ comments.

2) Gleb has a lot of faith in Anita. He sometimes thinks he’s pushing her too far but tries to make sure his choreography suits her strengths.

3) She is so grateful for all the support she’s receiving from all the fans and Arlene.

4) She’s embracing the costumes!

5) They’re dancing the Waltz this week and it’ll be spooky. She is going to be Malificent and there might be flying!

Ian Waite then appeared for his Wednesday Warm-up!

We learnt:

1) He was upset that Ainsley went home as he thought he had a few more weeks in him

2) He thinks Jeremy and Katie could be in danger this week.

He thinks:

1) Kirsty needs to lift up on the balls of her feet more in her Charleston

2) Katie needs to be careful she doesn’t look too stiff.

3) Helen has a good bounce action in her Samba

4) Anita looks really good in her Waltz

5) Kellie needs to work on her Paso hands and create more shape

6) Georgia has good hold but needs to work on her footwork and do more heel leads in her Tango

Peter and Janette then joined Zoe on the sofa. We learnt:
1) He found the Rumba hard and was channeling Patrick Swayze dancing the Rumba!

2) They love hearing the judges’ comments and constructive criticism.

3) Despite both being in the competition, Janette and Aljaz aren’t competitive at all!

4) They’re dancing Foxtrot this weekend and they’re both loving it!

That ended tonight’s It Takes Two. We’re back tomorrow for another recap. Hope to see you then.


Strictly 2015 – Week 5 – When things get technical by @trishnabharadia.

Last weekend, whilst we were dancing (and attempting The Strictly) at a wedding, we left our blog in the capable hands of Trishna frmo the People’s Strictly. Here are her thoughts: 

Things are starting to get technical on Strictly, and it was becoming obvious this week that the judges were going to start being much more picky about the finer details. It was also the week that Bruno inadvertently swore on air. Oops.

Here’s my take on the dances this week: (DISCLAIMER: I’m not an expert!!!!!! Lol)


Honestly, I’ve yet to see a salsa this season that screams to me Latin fever. That’s what salsa should be. It should be hot, fiery, sexy and fun. The hips should have a life of their own and the top half should be shimmying and shaking like there’s no tomorrow. Georgia has come the closest so far this season, with a disco-inspired routine. However, for someone as young and flexible as she is, I expected much more hip action when doing the basic salsa steps. I agreed with Craig too, that you could see her preparing for the lifts. There should be fluidity there. The lifts should provide an element of surprise and give the dance an “ooh” factor. Having said that, it was a fun routine and a nice opener.

Katie’s salsa wasn’t great. The lifts looked awkward, there was no hip movement, it wasn’t loose enough and she was too upright. I do enjoy watching her and Anton though. And I’m glad they’ve survived another week.


Probably the hardest dance for male celebrities. Peter did a great job at presenting the dance. However, I do feel that as the weeks go on, he’s going to have to work harder at getting the technical things just right, because the judges are just going to get stricter. There needed to be more softness in his movements, and I agree with the judges that sometimes he’s a bit too staccato. When I watch a rumba I want to sigh and say “ohhhhh, to be in love”!? That was almost there with this dance but not quite all there!


Ah, this is “my” dance! The one piece of advice I remember being given by the professional jivers who were helping Louis Smith and I when we went to the Jive party in London as part of People’s Strictly, was that you had to look like you were having fun. And boy, did Ainsley look like he was having fun! I think his posture tends to let him down, even with a jive where it’s probably the most relaxed and least upright out of any of the dances. However, the man’s got rhythm and this jive was happy, fun, and he did extremely well to keep up! Yes, technically there were lots of things that could have been improved, however, we already know by now that he’s not the best technical dancer of the bunch. So the fact that he’s able to entertain so well was what I loved so much. He’s going to be missed!

I feel that Kellie and Kevin’s jive could have done with a bit of breathing space, which would have enabled her to work a bit more on getting the bounce rather than trying to remember so many steps. It was a really hard routine but I felt it looked heavy footed in places. I know from experience that the more tired you are, the less bouncy you become, so maybe going for something a bit slower (which still wouldn’t have taken much away from the speed of it!) may have benefitted her and could potentially have scored them more points that would’ve put them further ahead.


Aljaz has now managed to choreograph two ballroom dances that have been my favourite of all the dances during two weeks now. That’s a pretty good achievement considering I’m definitely a Latin girl! Week 1’s waltz with Helen took my breath away and this week’s quickstep just left me smiling and feeling like everything was right with the world! It was energetic, light, bubbly and made you think of birds tweeting, the sun shining and everything that puts a smile on your face on a cold, rainy, autumnal night in the middle of October! LOVED IT and they deserved to be at the top of the leader board!


I adore the choreography that Gleb is bringing to Strictly, even if the judges aren’t always fans. I think it’s edgy, different and keeps you guessing every week. In Anita, I think he’s found the perfect student. Someone who doesn’t mind pushing the boundaries and has the natural and technical ability to do so. This was a contemporary tango and Anita’s technique was great. Her legs were doing what they should be doing and the energy created by the dance was raw and electric. That’s what dance is all about! On a side note – Anita’s mum should come on and do salsa cameo because those hips can move! Lol! 


I love watching Jeremy because he’s so entertaining and quite obviously loves this whole experience. This was the first time, however, that I felt he didn’t really immerse himself in the dance. Saying that, he still made me smile and I want to see more of him!

Carol and Pasha’s Viennese Waltz was lovely. You can tell she’s much more comfortable with the ballroom dances and I liked the fact that Pasha has confidence in her to leave her out of hold. She’s really improved and I think that should be rewarded. Maybe the judges should be scoring twice – once for effort and once for technical ability!

I didn’t really enjoy Kirsty’s Viennese waltz I’m afraid. While the judges said that technically she’d improved a lot and the dance was good, it just didn’t do it for me. She still doesn’t look comfortable on the dance floor and seems to be quite tense. Maybe if she relaxed a bit she’d settle down into the dance more and it wouldn’t look like she was being “carried” by Brendan.


I agree with the judges that Jamelia seems to have a mental block when it comes to the ballroom dances, which is a shame because I think it’s holding her back in terms of progress. I have to agree with Bruno – if you make a mistake you have to cover it up. The judges don’t know the choreography so they’ll never know a mistake unless you allow them to. Dancing is also about putting on a performance so even if you’re not comfortable, the only person who need ever know is you and your dance partner. Put a game face on and give it your all. Jamelia would do well to remember that if she wants to stay in the competition for many weeks to come.


The Paso is one of those dances where I either love or hate the routine. Too much aggression can just put me into a bad mood, but not enough and it takes away from the whole heart of the dance, which is modelled around the drama of a bullfight. I love what Aliona is doing in terms of choreography for Jay. She’s really bringing out the best in him and you can see his confidence building week after week. He’s starting to immerse himself into the dance and really living it, which I love. I could watch these two all day long. I thought his shapes were great, I know Bruno said something about his bum being in the wrong place which meant at times he lost his shape slightly, but really, who cares when he’s so captivating to watch?! Plus, there’s always a danger that in the Paso male celebrities just strut about angrily and don’t really do that much. Jay worked this beautifully. There was a real sense of exchange between him and Aliona because he was actually moving around the floor and dancing! Mesmerising.

THE EXIT: All I can say about this is that now we’re getting further into the competition, those with lower technical ability will start to drop off the end. Even when the public like them, if people like Ainsley, Carol, Jeremy and even maybe Jamelia and Kirsty, find themselves in the dance-off against the likes of the more technically-able, the judges will be putting them out of the competition. So it wasn’t really a surprise that Ainsley left this week, as I thought it would be either him, Carol, Jamelia, Jeremy or Kirsty. I’m really going to miss him and Natalie – they’ve been brilliant fun and so entertaining! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Ainsley twice now, once at Ready Steady Cook years ago and then at the Strictly launch show. He really is as nice and as bubbly as you see on screen and I’m sure he’s going to be missed by everyone there!

Thank you Trishna for reviewing Week 5’s performances. You can follow her on Twitter @TrishnaBharadia and Facebook

We’re back tomorrow from 7pm for a spooktacular halloween chat. Hope to see you there!

Cassie 🙂 

Strictly 2015 – It Takes Two – Show 22 Recap

On tonight’s It Takes Two Zoe was joined by Jamelia and Tristan and Kellie and Kevin. Kristina was in Choreography Corner and Jo, Tristan and Kevin joined Zoe for Ask the Pros.
We found out that there was a banana, a stapler, a sparkly pen and some post-it notes in Kevin’s top secret briefcase, and not Craig’s 1, 2 and 3 paddles as we thought!

Jamelia and Tristan were first to join Zoe on the Sofa. We learnt:

1) They have recovered from the drama of being in the dance-off for the second time

2) She accepts that the scores will vary from week to week, as you will be better at some dances than others.

3) Tristan is her biggest cheerleader “give us a J give us an A give us an M give us an E give us an L give us an I give us an A!” *searches online for pom poms for Tristan*

4) We think Tristan should be a life-coach (and model! 😍) as well as a professional dancer.

5) For the record they didn’t do an illegal lift, they did an assisted move!

6) This week they’re doing a “Joive” which will be fast and she hasn’t cried yet!

We had a sneak peek at the Professional-Celebrity Group Routine which looks spooktacular!

We then headed over to Kristina’s Choreography Corner. She thought that:

1) Georgia and Giovanni did a brilliant job with the lifts and entered and left them perfrectly!

2) Peter needed to continue his hip action rather than stopping it midway through the moves.

3) Jay and Aliona had great positioning and arms 

4) Katie and Anton made mistakes which put her off. She needs to keep her confidence and remember she can dance in Latin!

5) Kellie and Kevin were tremendous and in perfect sync with one another. She also loved Kellie’s hat!

Kellie and Kevin then waltzed onto the It Takes Two Sofa. We learnt:

1) She has lost her voice from Saturday night as she was screaming so much.

2) She loved the Jive and struggled to do it live in rehearsals but pulled it off on the night.

3) They feel amazing being joint top of the leaderboard.

4) Kellie doesn’t feel like she’s part of a competition. She feels like she’s part of a dancing show.

5) They’re performing a Paso Doble! It’ll be Harry Potter themed. 🤓

Tristan, Jo and Kevin then answered some of the viewers’ questions. We learnt:

1) If they weren’t dancers, Kevin would be a professional wrestler, Jo would be Glinda from Wicked and Tristan would be a Fireman.

2) Kevin struggles teaching Kellie to walk, Tristan struggles teaching Jamelia to have confidence.

3) Jo was inspired by Kevin to be a dancer, Kevin was inspired by Tristan, Tristan is inspired by Kevin, Anton and Joanne!

That ended tonight’s It Takes Two. We have to admit, we all love Kevin from Grimsby a little bit more after tonight’s episode! 😈

We’re back in a short while for our weekly quiz and will have another recap for you tomorrow!


Strictly 2015 – Week 4 review by @annakennedy1

Cast your minds back to two weeks ago, when Anton was on top of the Leaderboard! We’ve been a little busy since, but the lovely Anna Kennedy from the People’s Strictly gave us her opinion earlier on how the couples performed. Here’s what she thought.

The standards are improving as there were lots of 32s on Saturday night. Anton has to get his act together now and do proper dancing lol! I still love Jay, despite his mistakes he needs to grab hold of his nerves. Peter is trying to hard and needs to pull up from his core a bit more. Ainsley and Natalie were a big improvement as was Jamelia. Katie Derham looked very elegant in her Viennese Waltz and danced with ease. 

Thank you Anna for that review. We’ll have more thoughts on the performances throughout the series.

Cassie 🙂 

Strictly 2015 – It Takes Two – Show 21 Recap

On tonight’s It Takes Two, it was boy’s night as Jeremy and Karen, Jay and Aliona and Ainsley and Natalie joined Zoe along with Joanne who’s covering Choreography Corner.

First up were *grabs a tissue and sobs* Ainsley and Natalie for their (emosh) exit interview. We learnt:

1) He felt elated being on Strictly and was so happy to have been a part of the programme.

2) He had so much fun dancing the Jive! 

3) It was their most rehearsed week and they felt confident going into Saturday’s live show.

4) Natalie’s been a bit emosh over the last few days.

5) Ainsley felt like he’d been on a rollercoaster being on Strictly.

6) His favourite dances were the Waltz and the Salsa

7) He says there’s so much talent this year it’s hard to say who will win.

(Oh Jay oh Jay o Jay o)Jay and Aliona were next to join Zoe on the sofa. We learnt:

1) He’s feeding off himself and Aliona feels he’s getting more confident week by week!

2) They’re taking each week separately and not letting previous dances influence how they perform each week.

3) They worked a lot on his arms in preparation for the Paso Doble.

4) Jay is trying to work on his acting skills.

5) Jay’s mum thought his Paso was great and said she can’t go into town without his auntie anymore, as people keep stopping her!

6) They’re performing American Smooth as Little Red Riding Hood. Jay will be the wolf!

Joanne (from Grimsby) Clifton then hopped onto the sofa for Choreography Corner!
She thought:

1) Carol needs to think of her arms as being in a big bowl of Custard to give them more energy (we like Custard!)

2) Helen and Aljaz were fabulous even though there was a lot of gapping.

3) Jeremy has great attitude but needs to have a bit more confidence in himself and use his legs more.

4) Anita and Gleb have what it takes to go all the way!

5) Kirsty nailed the footwork and the Viennese Waltz overall. It was her best dance yet!

Jeremy and Karen then joined Zoe. We heard that:

1) He felt constrained in the Waltz and wasn’t allowed to look at Karen but still loved it.

2) He followed Elvis Costello’s advice to the book.

3) Karen thought he played the part and was a true romantic.

4) Karen feels secure Jeremy will get the steps right as he’s always practising. They go out and enjoy the performance week after week.

5) Jeremy is too tall to drive a mini

6) They are dancing a spooky salsa this week!

That ended tonight’s It Takes Two. We’ll be back tomorrow night for another recap.

Cassie 🙂 

Strictly 2015 – Au Revoir Ainsley & Natalie!

Last night, Ainsley and Natalie’s time in the Strictly ballroom came to an end, as they were voted out of Strictly 2015.

Over the last 5 weeks we have seen Ainsley bring his amazing, fun personality (and his cravate) to both the training room and the ballroom floor!

He has been a man of many faces (we loved his Tango and Salsa face!,) danced as a penguin on live TV and has truly embraced the Strictly sparkle, as Natalie said tonight “he is what Strictly Come Dancing is all about!”

As a pairing they looked like they were having the best time dancing on Strictly and we’re sure they’ll be friends for life!

We loved this partnership and really wanted them to go a lot further! 

Ainsley and Natalie, you will be missed. We’d like this to become a tribute to them. Comment below with your messages of support and we’ll make sure they see them. Here are their best bits… 
Cassie 🙂