Strictly 2015 – Week 2 Performance Review!

The competition has officially started! *Puts on legwarmers & puts her favourites on speeddial to vote for them as quickly as possible* Yes it’s time for week 2 where it all gets serious! Tonight the Strictly 2015 fifteen took to the floor for the second time to fight for our votes!

The show kicked off with Jamelia and Tristan. We were led to believe Jamelia had been a Diva in training, even demanding a wind machine, but no fluffy puppies 😱🐶. We loved Jamelia’s dress and felt their Cha Cha Cha was full of attitude. There was room for improvement technically, but we liked it overall! The music choice of Don’t Cha! did lead my 5 year old to say “mummy, Tristan needs to wear shorts and heels like that TV advert!” In our opinion it deserved a Strictly 7. Our judges gave them 21/40!

Next up were Daniel and Kristina with a racehorse inspired Charleston! We learnt that despite a trip to the racecourse, these two are serious and there is no horsing around! Neigh! It was an entertaining performance which made us smile! Daniel certainly is no one-trick pony! From us they deserved a Strictly 8. Our judges gave them a respectable 23/40!

Kirsty and Brendan took to the floor with her Salsa, featuring the Wind Machine. We think that someone must have left the studio door open as it did get very windy! It was a confident performance and much improved from last week. There were daring and death-defying lifts. Kirsty looked beautiful in her dress. They got a Strictly 7 from us. Our judges gave them 20/40. We think they were slightly undermarked!

Next to impress us were Jay and Aliona. Jay got a haircut this week ready for their waltz. We must say this dance was truly beautiful and moved us to tears. Yes, once again I turned into a blubbering mess on the Sofa! It was a wonderful performance and in our opinion deserved a Strictly 10. Our judges awarded them 31/40. Darcey was blown away by the performance (it must have been the wind machine!)

Iwan and Ola then took to the floor for their Cha Cha Cha. Iwan really wants to do well and encompasses everything that Strictly is all about. He is working hard, doing his best and trying hard. He did attack the dance, which meant it lost a bit of the finesse. We gave him a Strictly 5. Our judges awarded them 13/40.

Georgia and Giovanni then went to Bury Market to practise their Waltz and for Giovanni to try some Black Pudding. We must say his quote “It looks like chocolate sausage but doesn’t taste like chocolate!”  was the most adorable quote on Strictly. They captured the atmosphere and romance of the dance. Georgia’s dress looked beautiful and as a partnership their dance was beautiful. We gave them a Strictly 9. Our judges awarded them 25/40! We felt they were undermarked.

Ainsley and Natalie got us dancing with their Ready, Steady, Cook inspired Salsa to Don’t you touch my tomatoes. My 5 year old was very confused as to quote her “If he said don’t touch my tomatoes, why did he let Bruno touch them?” Very good point, Bella! It was a masterclass in Salsa from Natalie and Ainsley and got us dancing at home. We gave them a Strictly 10. Our judges gave Ainsley a respectable 26/40.

Little Miss Sunshine, Carol and Pasha then took to the floor with their Foxtrot. We must say that Carol’s positivity is infectious and we seriously want to bottle it up and give it out to everyone, particularly Craig! It was a huge improvement and the dance made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. We gave Carol a Strictly 7. Our judges gave her 20/40! My 5 year old also commented that “Carol shouldn’t get more than 30, because when it’s more than 30 on the weathermap, it’s too warm!” 

Kellie and Kevin then took a trip to the Seaside. It wasn’t Grimsby this year 😨 but was the Southbank, where you can catch a train to take you to the real seaside! We must say they rock the matching glasses look and truly are a brilliant match! Their Cha Cha Cha was charming, cheeky and had great storytelling. We gave them a Strictly 10. Our judges awarded them 27/40!

Anthony and Oti then amazed us with a romantic and sweet Waltz. Anthony’s shoulder did hinder the performance but we know he did the best he could and in our opinion they deserved a Strictly 7. Our judges awarded them 19/40.

The show was then stolen by Anita and Gleb with their impressive and criminally good Charleston. It was adventurous and she pulled it off! In our opinion, they deserved a Strictly 10. Our judges awarded them 27/40! We think that the police should be called as Len and Bruno appeared to lose their 7, 8, 9 and 10 paddles.

It was then time to see Jeremy and Karen’s American Smooth. I missed most of the dance due to my 5 year old jumping around and screaming very loudly. We learnt they were very excited to get the American Smooth *cues a quote of the night from Karen* “as (Karen) I’m American and you’re Smooth!” After the dance we had the biggest smile on our faces! Jeremy really embodies everything that Strictly is all about. He looks like he’s having the best time and is trying his best. It was a brilliant performance and they even improved getting a 3 from Craig! From us they deserved a Strictly 7! The judges awarded them 17/40.

Katie and Anton then amazed us with their Tango. It was dramatic and gave us goosebumps. Credit must go to Anton for his brilliant choreography and Dave Arch for his great arrangement of Lady Gaga’s telephone! It was a wonderful routine which deserved a Strictly 10 from us. My 5 year old was the quietest she’d been since Susanna and Kevin’s Paso Doble in 2013. The judges gave them 28/40.

We were then wowed by Peter and Janette’s Quickstep. We loved Janette’s dress, even if it did look a little like our curtains and felt this dance was light, bright and a delight to watch. Janette’s choreography is always imaginative and this was no exception to the rule. We loved it and gave them a Strictly 10! Our judges awarded them 30/40!

Our final couple to perform were Helen and Aljaz with their Cha Cha Cha. Helen’s doggies joined her in training. They were adorable and watching Aljaz holding Lottie, we have to say he could model and encourage people to adopt dogs through Dogs’ Trust/Battersea Dogs’ Home. It was a great performance which was cheeky, classy and confident. We gave them a Strictly 10! The judges called it the best Cha Cha of the night and gave them 29/40.

That ended the night’s show. We’d love to hear who your favourites were. Vote in the poll below to let us know:

We’re back tomorrow tweeting along with the Strictly Results show. Hope you can join us then.

Cassie 🙂 


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