Strictly 2015 – Goodbye Iwan and Ola!

It’s always hard when the first couple go home, but tonight we waved goodbye to Iwan and Ola.

For us Iwan summed up everything Strictly is about. He was determined to improve and tried his best, despite limited training time and a very busy schedule. Ola choreographed some great routines for him to ensure he could perform to his best. 

His short sprint on the competition has come to an end but he has left us with some amazing memories. Who could forget him giving Ola a piggyback on the launch show? Who could also forget his “victory lap” at the start of his Tango? We also loved his breakdancing/twerking cha cha cha!

Iwan and Ola, thank you for the memories. You will be sorely missed on this year’s strictly. We’d love to change the rules to bring you back onto the ballroom floor for another dance. We’d like this post to become a post with messages of support for Iwan and Ola! Comment below or tweet @scd_support with your messages and we’ll add them to this post.

The Strictly Support Group


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