Strictly 2015 – It Takes Two – Show 6 Recap

On tonight’s It Takes Two, Zoe was joined by Iwan and Ola *sobs* Choreography Queen Karen Hardy, Katie and Anton and Carol and Pasha.

Zoe was joined on the sofa by Iwan and Ola for their exit interview first. We learnt:

1) He feels disappointed to have gone out first as he felt he could have got better.

2) His body is in pieces as he gave his all and had worked so hard in training. He left everything on the dancefloor!

3) They’re planning on locking Peter Andre in a cupboard so he can do his Paso Doble

4) They felt the judges were harsh and cruel to them.

5) He’ll miss being around the other contestants and they’ll miss his jokes!

6) They’d like to see Anita and Gleb or Peter and Janette win.

We then took a journey in to the weird and wonderful world of Strictly. Here we learnt:

1) Strictly changes your life and takes over your everyday life! *imagines contestants sambaing in the supermarket*

2) Joanne Clifton has turned into a whistling kettle!

3) Once you’ve been strictlified there’s no going back!

The genius that is Karen Hardy then came along into her Choreography Corner. We heard that she felt:

1) Nerves were out there and judges were nit-picking! 

2) Jamelia needs to keep her legs straight in the lock-steps, Daniel needs to perform more and Kirsty and Brendan’s Salsa was a little more Mambo than Salsa.

3) Jay and Aliona were amazing. He is her little lollipop. Georgia and Giovanni had great body contact but that meant her hips popped out a bit.

4) Ainsley and Natalie were wonderful. He let go & had a great attitude. He looked like he was having a ball. This will help him go far in this Strictly journey.

5 ) She loved Carol and Pasha. Her Foxtrot was elegant and she’s developing into a dancer.

We then shook our prom-proms when Katie and Anton joined Zoe on the sofa. We learnt

1) Zoe (like us) yelped and squealed with delight watching their Tango.

2) She felt tremendous dancing it but didn’t recognise herself watching it back.

3) Anton thought she was amazing and she nailed this week’s performance.

4) They have a lot of respect for one another. We can feel the love in the room.

5) They’re dancing the Cha Cha this week. She has no idea how it’s going this week.

Carol and Pasha
were the final couple to join Zoe on the sofa. We learnt:

1) She felt the Foxtrot was beautiful and loved Pasha’s choreography.

2) Pasha thinks Carol watching foxes helped them improve their scores.

3) The BBC Breakfast crew are right behind Carol & Pasha. *gives a confused look as we couldn’t see them behind the sofa*

5) Quickstep this week. She needs to remember this “run around like crazy and keep it light”

6) Her feet are in pain and she thinks she looks like a fox! She’s loving learning to dance. It’s a fun way to get fit.

That ended tonight’s It Takes Two. We’ll have another recap tomorrow.

Cassie πŸ™‚


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