Strictly 2015 – It Takes Two/It Takes Twos-day – Show 7 Recap!

Yes, today was It Takes Two-sday and Zoe was joined on the sofa by Reginald, Naveen and Tiana, Anthony and Oti, Daniel and Kristina, Jamelia and Tristan and Karen Hardy. 

Zoe was joined on the sofa firstly by Jamelia and Tristan. We learnt:

1) She felt a little emosh being in the dance-off! But it made her work even harder and gave her a bit of a kick up the bum.

2) She had a bit of a hair-mare and dealt with it like a pro!

3) This week they’re doing the Salsa. She’s finding it hard work and her legs are in agony. They’re focusing on technique.

We were then treated to a sneak-peek at this week’s group dance. We learnt it’s movie themed and newlyweds Kevin and Karen are playing the romantic couple. Although Joanne feels a little sick watching them snog. (Jo, my lovely little sister feels your pain!)

Zoe was then joined by Karen Hardy *sits upright and puts her shoulders back* She gave her thoughts on the 2nd half of the couples dancing. She thought:

1) Kellie and Kevin’s Cha cha cha was brilliant and her arms were great!

2) Anthony and Oti created a lot of romance in their Waltz. 

3) Anita and Gleb’s Charleston was a little more Lindyhop than Charleston but was challenging and she pulled it off.

4) Jeremy was walking too much in his American Smooth. He needs to drive through the feet and commit in the footwork more!

5) Katie and Anton’s Tango was amazing and undermarked (we agree!) Her posture and topline were first class. Anton’s choreography was brilliant.

Daniel and Kristina then joined Zoe on the sofa. We learnt:

1) He had a great time on the dancefloor and was less nervous. He remembered to speak this week.

2) The many faces of Daniel O’Donnell. He is truly adorable and these alone deserve a 10

3) They were happy with their score of 23/40 but miss Iwan.

4) They’re dancing Cha Cha Cha and he’s playing Danny Zucko! Kristina will be nice Sandy.

It was then time for Tunes on Tuesday. We have to say Zoe’s dancing in this segment deserved a 10!

Finally, Zoe was joined by Anthony and Oti on the sofa. We learnt:

Anthony (Reginald) and Oti

1) He felt good out on the floor even though he nearly fell over during the Dress Rehearsal

2) They are Naveen and Tiana from the Princess and the Frog!

3) Reginald’s been fired this week. Oti doesn’t like the alteregos and prefers dancing with Anthony.

4) Anthony’s miming along to the song – Natalie Gumede American Smooth eat your heart out!

5) They’re dancing Paso this week & he doesn’t feel he can take any more dances in his brain. You’re doing a brilliant job Anthony! Believe in yourself and you will go far.

That ended tonight’s It Takes Two. We’ll have another It Takes Two recap tomorrow.



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