Strictly 2015 – It Takes Two Recap (Show 8)

On tonight’s show Zoe was joined by Peter and Janette, Aliona and Jay, Ainsley and Natalie and Ian Waite and his wand! There were also some junior judges (Craig Revel Horwood eat your heart out!)

First up on Zoe’s sofa were Jay and Aliona. We learnt:

1) Jay had the snip *pauses* with his hair! He was planning on cutting his hair at the end of the year to give his hair to charity. It’s just made us love him even more!

2) Jay thinks his new haircut made him more streamlined. Aliona thinks he now looks the part for all the dances!
3) She’s happy the judges noticed the hard work they’d done and rewarded them for this.

4) He misses his breakfast, which as a mum makes me want to feed him! Breakfast is the most important part of the day.

5) Of the last 4 boyband members to have appeared on Strictly, Jay has scored the highest overall for his second dance. He also feels less pop star than Nicky Byrne, Harry Judd and Simon Webbe!

6) He and Aliona are performing a Pulp fiction-themed jive this week! They’re having lots of fun and it has lots of elements. We can’t wait!

Next up were Peter and Janette who came colour-coordinated in lovely brown jackets (they must have consulted one another before turning up.) We learnt:

2) He was pleased to receive such great scores and is loving dancing ballroom.

3) He respects the judges comments

4) Janette is very modest about her abilities as a teacher and feels grateful to her last 2 partners who have been truly amazing. Even if Peter does say she is the best!

6) Peter sounds hot saying the words Paso Doble! *replays Peter saying Paso Doble over and over* In case you hadn’t gathered, they’re dancing Paso Doble this week. He loves dancing it and this week he is going to be Jack Sparrow. *Wonders if he’ll have dreadlocks*

The Junior Judges then gave their verdicts on Week 2’s performances. They are adorable but harsher than Revel Horwood. Strictly, if you’re reading this, my little lady would love to be a junior judge! We learnt:

1) The girls think Carol looks like a princess and the boys think Pasha looks like a wealthy man!

2) The boys think Jay looked like a girl from the lion king before his haircut – my 5 year old thought the same.

3) They thought Ainsley looked like Jelly!

4) They didn’t understand elimination and thought either Iwan or Ola would stay!

It was then time for Ian Waite’s warm-up. We heard that:

1) He loved Katie and Anton and thought she was Erin.

2) He loves Kellie and Kevin’s Charleston – they are perfectly synchronised.

3) He thinks Jamelia looks good in the salsa – she’s got great rhythm

4) He thinks Helen needs to soft into her knees for her Foxtrot. She’ll be Marilyn Monroe. We love the 1950s so think this dance will be epic! 

5) Anthony and Oti are dancing Paso Doble. Ian says he looks a bit too soft and not intense enough. He needs straight legs and keep his hips under his bottom. He has an intense look but needs to shape his arms.

6) Kirsty and Brendan’s American Smooth looks good but she needs to look out to the left more!

7) Daniel and Kristina’s Cha Cha Cha looks good, but he needs to look at his footwork. 

Finally Ainsley and Natalie joined Zoe on the sofa. We learnt: 

1) He hasn’t watched his Salsa but felt amazing dancing it and thought Natalie choreographed a great dance.

2) They were thrilled with their score.

3) Ainsley is a man of many faces. He’s working on the Cha Cha Cha face.

4) Ainsley has cooked an omelette for Natalie

5) They are going to be penguins this week, are acting the part and got up close and personal with some real penguins earlier today!

That ended tonight’s It Takes Two. We’re not here tomorrow but will be back on Friday from 8pm for a short chat!

Cassie 🙂


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