Strictly 2015 – Week 2 – The Verdict from @philkidz

Throughout the series, we have a truly fabulous panel of experts giving us their opinions on the week’s performances.

This week it’s the turn of the People’s Strictly’s Phil Barnett to give us his opinion on the dances. We asked him what he thought of the dances before the results show and after the results show.

So Phil, who were your favourites this week? Who surprised you and who do you think is most in danger of the dreaded E word (elimination! – asked after Saturday’s live show.)

Week 2 was another brilliant week! There are so many good dancers this year! 

Peter & Janette sailed through their quickstep, Jay & Aliona were strong as were Anton & Katie & Gleb & Anita. Aljaz & Helen were hot, hot, hot! I think Iwan & Carol might be in trouble although I like them both! Daniel surprised me by having fun & dancing on his own!  They’re all great. I wish it was me there.

Looking back at the results show, what did you think of it. Did you think the right person went home?

I suppose it is the right result but you could see how much Iwan loved it and wanted to stay and improve! It’s a shame they can’t all have a couple of weeks dancing on screen before someone has to leave! (we agree! *changes the Strictly Rulebook*)  I’m pleased for Jamelia as she will improve each week if she gets the chance! 

I loved the show and the professional performances were amazing. Janette must have been very dizzy spinning around up there!


Thank you Phil for your fab-u-lous review of week 2’s performances. We’ll be continuing these mini interviews throughout the series with our panel of experts.

Cassie πŸ™‚ 


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