Strictly 2015 – It Takes Two Show Recap (Show 10)

On tonight’s bumper box set of a show, Zoe was joined by Kirsty and Brendan, Helen and Aljaz and Kellie and Kevin. This week’s Friday Panel were Penny Lancaster, Delta Goodrum and Russell “The” Grant! Gethin Jones was at Elstree and The Drifters were in the studio. Vonnie also made her TV Debut!

Kirsty and Brendan joined Zoe first in the studio. We learnt:
1) She went for it in the lifts in her Salsa and was this close to the floor!

2) They were disappointed by their scores.

3) They are lady and the tramp this week.  She has a tail as her costume!

4) Vonnie also got the surprise of her life from Brendan Cole! (Lucky lady!)

The Friday Panel then joined Zoe!

1) We’d forgotten how tall Penny Lancaster is. 

2) Penny does the dances at home with Rod & still gets nervous watching the show.

3) Russell loved his experience and relived his strictly experience. (Someone give the man his own show please! He is amazing!)

4) They think Jay will do amazingly.

5) Delta thinks Katie is magnetic & graceful (we agree!) and beautiful to watch.

6) They think Kirsty has something Hollywood about her & Brendan has the oomph

7) They think Anthony will be powerful in his Paso.

8) Ainsley as a penguin will be amazing. Delta’s fallen in love with him. He can sell a performance.

9) Georgia and Giovanni’s Rumba will be beautiful

10) Carol and Pasha’s quickstep – looks good but she needs to have confidence.
11) Peter’s Paso looks great. He is a natural showman

12) Helen and Aljaz’s Foxtrot tells a great story. Her inner actress is coming out and her frame looks great.

13) Kellie and Kevin’s Charleston looks brilliant. They look as one!

14) Daniel and Kristina’s Cha Cha looks interesting. Russell said he’s never seen a Danny Zucko like him

17) Anita and Gleb’s  American Smooth looks raunchy!
18) Kellie and Kevin’s Charleston excites them the most.

19) They think Carol or Jeremy may get the director’s cut this week. 

We then had a very special sneak peek at this week’s group dance featuring The Cliftons and Tristan! We must say, it’s looking amazing and has a movie feel. They have dialogue in the movie and Karen feels like a hollywood star! She has the pretty dress, costumes, make-up and hair. She didn’t have water, or puppies, but we can help with that! Here you go, Karen!

Helen and Aljaz then joined Zoe on the sofa. We learnt:

1) She just went out and enjoyed her cha cha cha performance. She’d struggled with it all week.

2) She is really enjoying the foxtrot

3) They were happy with their scores last week.

4) Aljaz thought Helen’s hips were great

5) She’s very happy she’s dressing up as Marilyn tomorrow.

6) Aljaz made her cry! 😱

Kellie and Kevin then joined Zoe in the studio playing a game of Star Wars lightsabre wars. We learnt that:
1) She found the cha cha cha hard and was practising up till the last minute but loved it

2) Kevin hates the cha cha cha – as it’s hard to make entertaining, but this year he enjoyed doing the cha cha cha, thanks to Kellie.

3) They’re performing a Star Wars Charleston. We’re just as excited as Zoe. Kevin has no idea how he’s made the two ideas meet. It’s anarchy but it looks uh-may-zing.

5) Kellie’ll be Leia. Kevin will be Kevin Skywalker, but can do an amazing Yoda Impersonation!

Gethin Jones then joined us from Elstree with Jason Gilkison. We learnt that Jason said:

1) He says the group dances are like rounding up cats they’re hard to handle.

2) He’s proud of the pros and how hard they work.

3) All movie characters will be appearing on tomorrow’s show.

Karen Hardy then hosted the It Takes Two Movie Week Awards:

1) The winner of – Look at the size of my biceps award was Louis Smith 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

2) The winner of – This green paint is never coming off award was Pasha Kovalev for his Jive with Chelsee Healey.

3) The winner of Unusual Choreography and services to seafood award – Scott and Joanne’s Samba. The Crab lives on.

4) Lifetime achievement award, the only Movie Week routine to have scored top marks – Pamela and James’s Viennese Waltz.

That ended tonight’s It Takes Two. We cannot wait for tomorrow’s show. My lovely friend Serene will be tweeting along and blogging tomorrow night’s show for you lovely people! 


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