Strictly 2015 – It Takes Two – Show 15 Recap

On tonight’s It Takes Two, Zoe was joined by a very lively audience, Helen and Aljaz, Peter and Janette, Kellie and Kevin and the Friday Panel (Alesha Dixon, Bonnie Langford, Dan Walker.) Iwan Thomas was also a roving reporter!

First up on the Sofa were Helen and Aljaz. We learnt:

1) Being Marilyn was a dream come true for Helen and her Foxtrot was everything she thought it would be.

2) Aljaz was thrilled the judges noticed the hard work they’d put in with the footwork.

3) They felt thrilled to score more points for their Foxtrot.

4) This week they’re dancing Salsa and Zoe may turn up on the floor because she loves the music so much (we agree they do have the best song!)

5) Aljaz may or may not have a stethescope this week.

6) Helen’s been struggling with her hips and the lifts.

Roving Reporter Iwan Thomas then joined us from Elstree where:

1) We met Stuart Holdam the warm-up man! My 5 year old’s question “Does he have a radiator in his pocket?” He is a very funny man and she is a very funny 5 year old!

The Friday Panel joined Zoe on the sofa. This week they are Alesha Dixon, Bonnie Langford and Dan Walker. We learnt

1) Alesha still dances around the kitchen everyday.

2) Dan was a closet Strictly fan until now!

3) Bonnie doesn’t know anything about ballroom, but loves Strictly and is supporting Kellie Bright, Jay McGuinness and Jeremy Vine!

4) They think that:

Georgia and Giovanni are brilliant talented and will perform an amazing Quickstep!

Kirsty and Brendan have lots of power and she looks confident in her Paso Doble.

Ainsley and Natalie will shine in their Waltz and he has a gorgeous face!

Jamelia and Tristan will suit the Charleston as she’ll be able to let go.

Anita and Gleb have great hip action in their Samba. Dan thinks she may win Strictly!

Jeremy and Karen look adorable in their Jive and they just want to hug him. They don’t think he can win Craig over.

Kellie and Kevin look like a professional partnership in their Foxtrot. They think she’ll smash it!

Peter and Janette look brilliant in their Tango!

Helen and Aljaz look beautiful and natural/comfortable (if you’re Dan) in their Salsa.

Katie and Anton look lovely and elegant in their Viennese Waltz. They think this dance will suit her perfectly.

Daniel (The DOD) and Kristina look adorable in their American Smooth. He will do well in this dance.

Carol and Pasha have the worst possible dance for her personality in the Paso Doble. The Strictly crew need to annoy her before she dances.

Jay and Aliona look good in their quickstep, but they’re concerned he’s got tape on his knee and looks sweaty.

5) Their favourites are Peter, Anita, Kellie and Jay

6) They’re not sure who will be going home this weekend, but think Daniel or Jamelia are going home this weekend.

We then got a sneak-peek behind the scenes at the professional Group Dance – 1980s Theme. Thanks Joanne from Grimsby. We learnt:

1)Gleb was only 3. I feel old!

2) Kevin had a perm and a collection of shellsuits in the 80s.

3) Aljaz wasn’t alive in the 1980s. I feel even older

4) Kevin can’t dance with a snooker cue and Kristina nearly dropped a tray on Karen’s head!

Kevin and Kellie then joined Zoe on the sofa. We learnt:

1) Kellie let out the largest scream after their Charleston as she was so relieved as they had so much fun in rehearsals.

2) Kellie’s lightsabre kept going off in rehearsals but stayed switched on during the routine!

3) Kevin felt it was his best week ever as all his wishes came true. The nerd in him got very excited. 

4) They’re dancing the Foxtrot this week. She’s finding the dance lovely but has struggled. She’s closing her eyes and imagining she’s dancing with Gene Kelly (sorry Kev!)

5) It was Kevin’s birthday and Karen bought him a lightsabre for his birthday and made him a cake. The It Takes Two team bought him a glittery lightsabre.

The final couple to join Zoe were Peter and Janette. We learnt:

1) He had lots of fun getting into the pirate character. He fully embraced the costume, make-up etc, but was drenched in sweat before the dance started!

2) His eyeliner stayed on his eyes for days.

3) Janette was super proud of what Peter performed on the night, despite the lower scores. They felt great at the end of the night.

4) Peter loves the judges’ comments. He takes them away and will use them for life.

5) Janette brings Peter a coffee and a granola bar. Peter doesn’t bring her anything, but they share sandwiches.

6) They’re dancing Tango this week. He’s being Robert De Niro or Vinnie the Panda from the Fox’s Biscuits advert.

For those of us who were extra excited, we also had the added addition of Robin’s A-Z of Strictly! *cheers*
We learnt:

F is for Flying Celebrities.

G is for Gravity, Glitterball and Glitter.

H is for Halloween.

I is for Italia (Land of Vincent Simone and Giovanni Pernice (who’d like to invite Len, Len Wife, Len Daughter to a dinner party!)

That ended tonight’s It Takes Two. We’re back tomorrow from 6pm tweeting along with the show as it happens. Hope to see you there!

Cassie πŸ™‚ 


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