World Dictionary Day – The A to Z of Strictly Sparkle!

Today is world dictionary day and we can’t wait to hear which word is the new “word of the year!” In the meantime we’ve created an abridged Strictly Sparkle Dictionary. These are words that any Strictly fan needs to know. We must say that Craig Revel-Horwood is definitely the wordsmith of Strictly, especially with his flowery language.

A is for Anton (Du Beke,) Aljaz (Skoranjec) and Ann (Widdicombe)

Strictly would not be the same show without these 3 people. Anton is a true legend of Strictly, Aljaz’s fantastic choreography won him the title in his first year on the show and Ann provided many a comedy moment! These three deserve their space in the Strictly Dictionary!

B is for Bruno

The most lively of the 4 judges, you can be said to be “doing a Bruno” if you fall off your chair mid-sentence, wave your arms around and in general get very very excitable!

C is for Cha-Cha-Cha and Charleston

Two iconic routines seen on our favourite show which can either be show-stoppers or dance disaasters!

D is for Dull, Dull, Dull, Disaaster and Dahling

Strictly wouldn’t be Strictly without Craig Revel Horwood’s most famous put-me-downs. Examples: “That Cha-Cha-Cha was Dull, Dull, Dull” “A complete and utter dance disaaster!” Now Craig, that’s no way to talk about our attempt at the Jive!

Dahling – a term of endearment used by Craig Revel Horwood. We know he’s a pussycat, really!

E is for Energetic and Elegant

If there’s one pro who’s more energetic than any other, it’s Kevin (from Grimsby) Clifton! We think he could give the duracell bunny a run for his money!

There have been many elegant dances on the show, particularly Foxtrots and American Smooths, which are just gorgeous, dahling!

F is for Fab-u-lous

The most famous word in our dictionary and a word Mr Revel-Horwood likes to use if he loves a particular dance!

G is for *puts on her best cockney accent a la Len* “Go on my son!” 

A term of encouragement used by Len Goodman when he is proud of a particular couple’s routine, especially if they’re the peoples’ champions!

H is for Halloween

A theme week where Strictly raids their dressing-up cupboard to bring us some fab-u-lous, weird and wonderful costumes (including werewolves, bats, cats and uncle fester!)

I is for It Takes Two

The best spin-off show there has ever been for any programme, presented by the lovely Zoe Ball weeknights from 6.30pm (6pm on Friday) on BBC Two during Strictly Season!

J is for Jive

A very fast Latin Dance full of kicks, flicks and lots of steps. It never fails to make us smile!

K is for Karen (Hardy,) Karen (Clifton,) Kevin (Clifton) and Kristina (Rihanoff!)

Four professional dancers who have (and still do) graced the Strictly Ballroom with their presence, wonderful choreography and dancing. Inspirations to many they are uh-may-zing!

L is for Limp and Lacklustre

Words used by Craig when he is in a bad mood to describe dances he doesn’t like! 

M is for Mellifluous

Another word used by Craig Revel Horwood to describe a smooth, musical dance which is like honey. Yes, he is in a good mood some times!

N is for Nincompoop

An adjective which Len often uses when addressing other judges with whose opinions he doesn’t agree!

O is for Ola (Jordan)

A Strictly Pro who has appeared on the show over the last 9 years. Her choreography and teaching have won her the Strictly Come Dancing Glitterball once!

P is for Pasha (Kovalev) Doble

A varient of the powerful Latin Dance where the female is the bull or cape at a bullfight. The male is the matador and in this case the *drools* delectable Pasha Kovalev 😍

Q is for Quickstep

The fastest of the ballroom dances. It is very quick and has lots of steps (just as the name suggests!) 

R is for Rumba

A slow, sensual and romantic Latin Dance. This dance is notoriously difficult and has never ever been awarded a full 40 points in the history of Strictly

S is for Sequin

A sparkly embellishment which all Strictly fans are addicted to. You can tell a Strictly fan’s wardrobe by its sequin content. They normally feature by the bucketload!

T is for Tango

A passionate, powerful Ballroom routine with lots of agression!

U is for uh-may-zing

A word used by Craig Revel Horwood on the rare occasion he likes a dance.

V is for Viennese Waltz

The purest of the ballroom dances, this dance originated in Vienna. It features many spins, twirls and a distinctive rhythm. Dancers are prone to suffering dizziness as a result of the number of spins and speed of this dance!

W is for Waltz

A dance in 3-time which is slower than the Viennese Waltz. It is more romantic and likely to make viewers feel a bit emosh watching it!

X is for *thinks really hard*

Y is for You’re my favourite!

A phrase said by Sir Bruce Forsyth to contestants who hadn’t scored very highly on the judges’ leader board.

Z is for *thinks really hard*

That is our dictionary. If you can think of any other words to add, just comment below or tweet @scd_support with your suggestions. We look forward to hearing from you.


Wordsmith of all things Strictly!


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