Strictly 2015 – Results Show Recap – Week 4

It’s that time of the week again! Time to say goodbye (hashtag sadface) to another couple from our Strictly class of 2015!

Before the serious part, we learnt the Strictly Pro Boys are Wild Boys and the Strictly Pro Girls just wanna have fun (as do the judges!) with a wonderful 1980s themed routine. The whole dance got us thinking! We’d love to see a 1980s themed Strictly show, especially if Claudia keeps wearing her mullet and 1980s gear!

Our couples were saved one by one and some gave the best reactions imaginable ever! Karen and Natalie win the award for most excited professional dancers ever!

We learnt that Daniel and Kristina and Kirsty and Brendan were in the dance-off. Daniel seemed resigned to the fact he was going home. Despite mistakes he still performed an adorable American Smooth (he really is more adorable than a teddybear) and we loved his singing along to the song. Kirsty and Brendan’s dance-off performance was full of fire and she looked fierce! 

The judges voted to save Kirsty and Brendan which meant that Daniel and Kristina were going home. It was a shame to see them leave as they had developed a lovely partnership together!

We’re away next week, so no chat, but have one request! Please vote for your favourites and let us know what happens!

Cassie 🙂 


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