Strictly 2015 – It Takes Two – Show 21 Recap

On tonight’s It Takes Two, it was boy’s night as Jeremy and Karen, Jay and Aliona and Ainsley and Natalie joined Zoe along with Joanne who’s covering Choreography Corner.

First up were *grabs a tissue and sobs* Ainsley and Natalie for their (emosh) exit interview. We learnt:

1) He felt elated being on Strictly and was so happy to have been a part of the programme.

2) He had so much fun dancing the Jive! 

3) It was their most rehearsed week and they felt confident going into Saturday’s live show.

4) Natalie’s been a bit emosh over the last few days.

5) Ainsley felt like he’d been on a rollercoaster being on Strictly.

6) His favourite dances were the Waltz and the Salsa

7) He says there’s so much talent this year it’s hard to say who will win.

(Oh Jay oh Jay o Jay o)Jay and Aliona were next to join Zoe on the sofa. We learnt:

1) He’s feeding off himself and Aliona feels he’s getting more confident week by week!

2) They’re taking each week separately and not letting previous dances influence how they perform each week.

3) They worked a lot on his arms in preparation for the Paso Doble.

4) Jay is trying to work on his acting skills.

5) Jay’s mum thought his Paso was great and said she can’t go into town without his auntie anymore, as people keep stopping her!

6) They’re performing American Smooth as Little Red Riding Hood. Jay will be the wolf!

Joanne (from Grimsby) Clifton then hopped onto the sofa for Choreography Corner!
She thought:

1) Carol needs to think of her arms as being in a big bowl of Custard to give them more energy (we like Custard!)

2) Helen and Aljaz were fabulous even though there was a lot of gapping.

3) Jeremy has great attitude but needs to have a bit more confidence in himself and use his legs more.

4) Anita and Gleb have what it takes to go all the way!

5) Kirsty nailed the footwork and the Viennese Waltz overall. It was her best dance yet!

Jeremy and Karen then joined Zoe. We heard that:

1) He felt constrained in the Waltz and wasn’t allowed to look at Karen but still loved it.

2) He followed Elvis Costello’s advice to the book.

3) Karen thought he played the part and was a true romantic.

4) Karen feels secure Jeremy will get the steps right as he’s always practising. They go out and enjoy the performance week after week.

5) Jeremy is too tall to drive a mini

6) They are dancing a spooky salsa this week!

That ended tonight’s It Takes Two. We’ll be back tomorrow night for another recap.

Cassie 🙂 


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