Strictly 2015 – It Takes Two – Show 22 Recap

On tonight’s It Takes Two Zoe was joined by Jamelia and Tristan and Kellie and Kevin. Kristina was in Choreography Corner and Jo, Tristan and Kevin joined Zoe for Ask the Pros.
We found out that there was a banana, a stapler, a sparkly pen and some post-it notes in Kevin’s top secret briefcase, and not Craig’s 1, 2 and 3 paddles as we thought!

Jamelia and Tristan were first to join Zoe on the Sofa. We learnt:

1) They have recovered from the drama of being in the dance-off for the second time

2) She accepts that the scores will vary from week to week, as you will be better at some dances than others.

3) Tristan is her biggest cheerleader “give us a J give us an A give us an M give us an E give us an L give us an I give us an A!” *searches online for pom poms for Tristan*

4) We think Tristan should be a life-coach (and model! 😍) as well as a professional dancer.

5) For the record they didn’t do an illegal lift, they did an assisted move!

6) This week they’re doing a “Joive” which will be fast and she hasn’t cried yet!

We had a sneak peek at the Professional-Celebrity Group Routine which looks spooktacular!

We then headed over to Kristina’s Choreography Corner. She thought that:

1) Georgia and Giovanni did a brilliant job with the lifts and entered and left them perfrectly!

2) Peter needed to continue his hip action rather than stopping it midway through the moves.

3) Jay and Aliona had great positioning and arms 

4) Katie and Anton made mistakes which put her off. She needs to keep her confidence and remember she can dance in Latin!

5) Kellie and Kevin were tremendous and in perfect sync with one another. She also loved Kellie’s hat!

Kellie and Kevin then waltzed onto the It Takes Two Sofa. We learnt:

1) She has lost her voice from Saturday night as she was screaming so much.

2) She loved the Jive and struggled to do it live in rehearsals but pulled it off on the night.

3) They feel amazing being joint top of the leaderboard.

4) Kellie doesn’t feel like she’s part of a competition. She feels like she’s part of a dancing show.

5) They’re performing a Paso Doble! It’ll be Harry Potter themed. 🤓

Tristan, Jo and Kevin then answered some of the viewers’ questions. We learnt:

1) If they weren’t dancers, Kevin would be a professional wrestler, Jo would be Glinda from Wicked and Tristan would be a Fireman.

2) Kevin struggles teaching Kellie to walk, Tristan struggles teaching Jamelia to have confidence.

3) Jo was inspired by Kevin to be a dancer, Kevin was inspired by Tristan, Tristan is inspired by Kevin, Anton and Joanne!

That ended tonight’s It Takes Two. We have to admit, we all love Kevin from Grimsby a little bit more after tonight’s episode! 😈

We’re back in a short while for our weekly quiz and will have another recap for you tomorrow!



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