Strictly 2015 – It Takes Two (Show 24 Recap)

On tonight’s Thursday thriller of an It Takes Two Zoe was joined by the real (and an apparition of) Michael Flatley, Georgia and Giovanni, Carol and Pasha, The 2 Lisas from hair and make-up and the most adorable Dracula ever, Ian Waite!

First up were Georgia and Giovanni. We learnt:

1) She was terrified dancing first.

2) She has a new famous fan – Joan Collins who tweeted her after the show.

3) Giovanni is very impressed with Georgia as she mirrors him perfectly, when they’re doing solo work, which is very hard to do.

4) They’re dancing Tango this week to Ghostbusters and we can’t get over the fact how adorable Giovanni looks in a bow tie!

The most adorable Dracula ever, Ian, then joined us for Waite’s Warm-Up. He told us:

1) Carol and Jamelia need to straighten their knees

2) Peter looks good in their Foxtrot but he needs to keep his shoulders down.

3) Jeremy’s Salsa looks good! He’s getting the character right!

4) Jay needs to keep his shoulder up!

We then met the fab-u-lous Lisa and Lisa from Strictly hair and make-up. We learnt:
1) Lots of hair pins, glue and hairspray are used to keep hair in place

2) Pasha will be green again this weekend! *Drools remembering him as Shrek in 2011*

Carol and Pasha then joined Zoe on the sofa. We learnt:

1) They felt wonderful dancing the Viennese Waltz

2) Carol wasn’t aware of Pasha pushing her in the pivots, despite what Craig said.

3) This week they’re dancing the Rumba. She’s finding it lots of fun and is discovering muscles she didn’t know she had!

4) She’s getting up close and personal with Pasha! 

Finally, Michael Flatley joined Zoe. We learnt:
1) Usain Bolt copied his move. Michael’s been doing it all his life.

2) He loves all the couples, and thinks the professionals are incredible (we agree!)

3) He loved Daniel O’Donnell! He also loves Katie, Jeremy and Jay.

4) If he was a strictly judge, he’d be looking for star quality and a performance element.

5) His tip for any aspiring dancer is to work hard, follow your dream and good things will happen.

That ended tonight’s It Takes Two. We’re back tomorrow from 6pm for another recap. Hope to see you there!

Cassie 🙂 


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