Strictly Support Group Does Halloween!

*Hides behind cushion* It’s about to get very spooky! This weekend, the remaining 11 couples take to the ballroom floor in what will be the most spooktacular Halloween show ever!

Tonight, in preparation for the show, we hosted a Halloween themed chat. We began by asking, what for you is the most spooktacular halloween moment ever on Strictly and what made it so great? We had some uh-may-zing suggestions from you, like these:

We then moved on to ask, what’s been the scariest or spookiest moment on Strictly for you and why? We had a couple of fab-u-lous and freaky answers. Here are our favourites:

We know that we’re all in for a treat on Saturday, but for our next question, we asked if you could treat anyone of the couples on Strictly with a special gift for Halloween, who would it be and what would you give them? Here are our favourite answers of the night:

We then moved on to ask this… We know that when the Strictly cast are together they are a bunch of cheeky (but loveable) monkeys! Who do you think is most likely to play a trick on the others and what would they do this Halloween? Here are our favourite answers:

We think we’re all agreed that Brendan and Anton will play a Halloween trick on the others and possibly the Cliftons will do something cheeky backstage! 

For our final question tonight, we asked who you thought would be most spooktacular this weekend. Here are your answers:

That ended tonight’s chat. We’re back on Saturday from 6pm tweeting along with the live show as it happens. Hope to see you then.

Cassie πŸ™‚ 


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