So Long, Farewell Peanut and Peter!

Tonight, we said goodbye to Peter and Janette who became the 9th couple to leave the ballroom.

Over the past 10 weeks, Peter and Janette have danced, entertained and become one of our favourite ever couples.

Who could forget his Pirates of the Caribbean Paso, That Charleston, That Cha Cha Cha and This weekend’s American Smooth featuring cake? We also cannot forget Janette’s reaction to finding out she was paired with Peter. We’re sure they’ll remain friends for life!

As well as being a great showman, Peter has proved his skill as a dancer, with some wonderful performances. Credit to Janette for being a brilliant teacher and creative choreography. Their dances have been some of our all-time favourites this series.

So long Peter and Janette. You came, you danced, you entertained and you will be missed. We would love this post to become a tribute to them. Comment below with your messages of support for Peter and Peanut! We’ll make sure they see them.

Cassie πŸ™‚ 


Strictly 2015 – Results Show Recap – Week 10

Have you ever wondered what it’s like when the Strictly Pros ever go to the Laundrettes? Well tonight we found out as the results show opened up with a routine which got us in a spin and told us that Tess and Claudia hide inside the washing machine (like cats do) until it’s show time! *Wonders if Pasha does the same & searches her washing machine*

Anyway, tonight’s results show was full of drama, great performances and dancing and Len talking in Len-ish!

As well as the incredible opening routine we were also treated to a performance from Il Divo accompanied by Natalie and Gleb and Adam Lambert who was joined by Kevin and Karen. We must say both professional couples wowed us and we only wish that they could have danced for longer!

Couples were saved one by one, and one couple got a little emotional that they were in the quarter-finals (*hands a tissue over to Georgia and Giovanni*) We also found out that Helen and Anita couldn’t believe they were in the quarter-finals (*pinches them both as they deserve to be there*) and that Jay is greatful to the British public for saving him and supporting him.

It was then time for the two most entertaining performances of the weekend, Kellie and Kevin’s Salsa and Peter and Janette’s American Smooth to go head to head in the dance-off. Both couples improved their performances, but only one of them could be saved. The judges unanimously voted to save Kellie and Kevin which meant it was time to say goodbye to Peter and Janette. We’ll have a special post coming as a tribute to them shortly on our blog. You’ll also be able to leave a message of support for them too.

We’re back tomorrow from 8pm for a quiz. Hope you can join us then!

Cassie πŸ™‚ 

Strictly 2015 – The Magnificent Seven, The Quickstepathon and Tens a plenty – Week 10 Performance Review

Tonight, the Magnificent Seven took to the floor to impress the awesome foursome of judges whilst the delightful duo of Claudia and Tess impressed us with their antics once more. It was week 10 and time for the quickstepathon. It was also time for it to rain tens, for Len to want to be called Donald and for things to get a little emotional as one couple produced their best dances to date. 

All in all it was an amazing night of dancing and quite possibly the best Strictly ever! Here are our thoughts on each of the performances and the quickstepathon.

The show kicked off with Kevin and Kellie and their Salsa. These two really got the party started. It had the atmosphere of a Cuban Fiesta and got us up and dancing. It had great storytelling (we loved the text message element) There were daring lifts and Kevin revealed it was the hardest dance he’d ever choreographed on Strictly. Kellie truly did an incredible job and in our opinion the whole routine deserved a 10. Our judges awarded them 34/40 points. 

Next up were Katie and Anton with their Argentine Tango (or if you’re my 5 year old an Orangetine Mango!) It was Anton’s very first Argentine Tango, Katie signed up to Strictly to perform this dance and it was a beautiful routine. The choreography was exquisite, Katie’s dress was beautiful and the dance gave us goosebumps, yes it was cold tonight, but these two performed a routine that was full of atmosphere and drama. In our opinion they deserved a 9. Our judges were a little bit mean and scored them 32/40. Note from my 5 year old “If the judges keep being mean to Katie, I’m telling Santa about them!” Craig, Darcey, Len and Bruno, look out! Santa Claus is coming to town.

It was then time to be transported to a dance fit for Cinderella and prince Charming as Helen and Aljaz took to the floor with their Viennese Waltz. There are moments on Strictly which are moments of pure perfection and this was one of them. The music (Etta James’ At Last) was beautiful, Helen’s dress really made her look like Cinderella and the choreography and dancing were brilliant. It left us feeling a little emotional, Darcey feeling speechless (why can’t that happen to Craig?) and gave the couple their highest score of the competition, earning them a brilliant 39/40!

We were then wowed by Jay and Aliona with a dramatic, intense and fiery Tango! The choreography, dancing and musicality were brilliant and Jay’s Tango face was brilliant. He really captured the character of the dance. The judges awarded him a well-deserved 38/40.

We then had the sweetest feeling watching Peter and Janette’s American Smooth. If there are 2 things we like, they are cupcakes and American Smooth so this dance was right up our street. It was adorable and left us smiling (as Peter’s performances always do) We must point out that Janette is by far the most encouraging professional of them all. It wasn’t the strongest performance of the night, but in our opinion it deserved a 9. Our judges awarded Peter 31/40.

Anita and Gleb then performed a beautiful Rumba which made our eyes leak ever so slightly. Len didn’t like it (because it had a lift) and the judges were ever so slightly mean to Anita. They gave her 31/40. We felt the routine deserved a 9 at least! Rumba is a tough dance. We know that it is very hard to pull off.

The final couple to rock the Strictly Ballroom tonight were Georgia and Giovanni (or if you’re Len during the Quickstepathon Giovanna) with their Paso Doble. This dance was fierce and Giovanni took a lot of risks leaving Georgia on her own. They rocked the choreography and it was full of drama. We loved the routine and gave them a 10. Our judges awarded her 33/40. My 5 year old had a theory why the judges didn’t score her highly. She thought a cat was on the floor and attacked Georgia’s dress. The judges obviously don’t like cats! 

The leaderboard was then turned upside down as the couples took to the floor for the quickstepathon. There were a few near misses however the results were as follows:

Peter and Janette came in 7th scoring them 1 extra point and giving them a total score of 32

Kellie and Kevin came in 6th scoring them 2 extra points and giving them a total score of 36

Jay and Aliona came in 5th scoring them a further 3 points and giving them a total of 41

Anita and Gleb came in 4th scoring them a further 4 points and giving them a total of 35

Katie and Anton came in 3rd scoring them a further 5 points and giving them a total of 37

Georgia and Giovanni/a came in 2nd scoring them a further 6 points and giving them a total of 39

and Helen and Aljaz came in 1st scoring a maximum 7 further points and giving them a total of 46.

In other news, we love Claudia’s craziness and found out that she has a bag of marbles. She hasn’t lost her marbles for all those who think she has! We also learnt that not only can all 7 couples dance on the floor at the same time but they can also read the terms and conditions in perfect sync too!

That ended tonight’s Strictly. We want to hear who were your favourites tonight. Comment below or tweet @scd_support to let us know.

We’re back tomorrow from 7.15pm tweeting along with Strictly results show as it happens. We hope to see you then


Cassie πŸ™‚ 

Strictly Perfect 10 Moments!

We can hardly believe we’re now in week 10 of Strictly 2015. It only feels like yesterday that there were 15 couples taking their first and tentative steps on the dancefloor. Now we are down to a magnificent seven couples. It has been raining 10s and even if this guy hasn’t found his 10 paddle yet….

…. we can honestly say that the competition this year is closer than ever and that this year’s Strictly is the best Strictly ever!

As it is week 10, it got us thinking of some of our favourite moments that have scored a 10. We asked you lovely people earlier, and here are the dances you suggested made into a beautiful youtube playlist:

If you can think of any other dances to add to this video, just let us know and we’ll add them for you.

We also asked an all important question! Mr Revel-Horwood has yet to give a 10 this series. He is a perfectionist and has always admitted to only giving a 10 where it’s perfect, dahling. We’re a little concerned about the whereabouts of his 10 paddle. Where has it gone? Here are some of your suggestions:

We love all these suggestions. If you have any better ideas, please let us know. You can either tweet @scd_support or comment below.

We look forward to hearing from you!


(Founder of the Strictly Support Group and the Find Craig’s 10 paddle society)

Strictly 2015 – @philkidz verdict on Blackpool Week! πŸ­πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ­πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ­

Last weekend, we watched Strictly with much excitement as the show took the tour bus up to Blackpool! You can read what we thought of the show here. We asked the lovely Phil Barnett from the People’s Strictly to give his opinion on the show. Here are his thoughts:

I would like to start by saying that this Saturday’s Strictly episode was one of the most enjoyable I have ever watched – and I have watched every single episode from the very first show! There are so many excellent dancers this year!

Jay and Aliona
’s Samba was first class – Jay’s movements are so clean, elegant and stylish – he really needs to work on the acting still though, this week was a little better but if he wants to win, he has to get some help in this department as Aliona is a superb actress and it really shows his little weakness!

Jamelia and Tristan’s Quickstep was definitely her best dance! Tristan is amazing and he has really worked hard to raise Jamelia’s level. She should be complimented on her application too!

Anita and Gleb‘s Paso Doble was absolutely wonderful and so passionate! Can’t praise them highly enough!

Katie and Anton’s American Smooth – This for me was one of my favourite dances of all time – just like the movies – I would love to do this dance! Fantastic choreography executed beautifully!

Peter and Janette’s  Jive – Obviously I love Janette and cannot praise her highly enough! Although there was criticism that there was not enough Jive content, Janette always choreographs to her partner’s strengths so I can only guess that Peter struggled with this dance – loved his effort and commitment though!

Georgia and Giovanni’s American Smooth – Another amazing performance – at the moment Georgia is my tip to win – there seems to be nothing that she can’t dance beautifully!

Helen and Aljaz’s Charleston – I loved this Charleston – it was nice to see a slightly different and sophisticated version of it!

Kellie and Kevin’s Quickstep – Kellie throws herself into every dance with vim and vigour and this was no exception – a dark horse methinks!

All in all this was a superb night’s entertainment – costumes, make-up, hair, lighting, the band, the singers AND ESPECIALLY THE PRO DANCERS were at the top of their game and gave us a vintage night’s entertainment! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Phil Barnett

Thank you Phil for such a great review of this weekend’s show. We couldn’t agree with you more. This year’s Blackpool special was the best Strictly ever!

Cassie πŸ™‚

Strictly 2015 – What happens in Blackpool stays in Blackpool.

Unless you have been hiding under a Blackpool rock for the last few days, you’ve probably heard some less than favourable rumours about, what we think is the best show on TV, Strictly!

I have loved and watched Strictly from the very beginning. Over the course of the last 11 years, you could probably count the number of times I’ve missed the show on one hand. More recently, my little girl (Bella) has followed in her Mummy’s footsteps  and become the biggest smallest Strictly fan I know. I’m not someone to get on my soapbox, but as it relates to something I love, and more importantly something my little girl loves, I feel compelled to share my thoughts on what happened in Blackpool.

My little girl has asked many questions over the last few days, especially when she has seen Strictly all over the papers. I have explained what’s happened, and in her opinion “that’s rubbish Mummy!” I agree with her completely. We both love Strictly, and nothing can change our opinion on that!

The dance-off was brought in to ensure that the right couple in the bottom two are saved by the judges. The judges are entitled to their own opinion and will pick the couple they think is right to go through based on the performance in the dance-off. Jamelia’s performance may have been stronger in the dance-off, but Peter’s dance was massively improved from his first performance. 

Yes, there will be differences of opinion between the judges, as they all look for differently things. Craig, Darcey and Bruno tend to focus more on the performance element, whereas Len is a traditionalist. When a competition is so close, and a dance-off very close in standard, not all the judges will agree on who should be saved. Len will have the deciding vote, however if the three judges vote for the same person, his vote doesn’t count. You could see Darcey was physically torn after casting her vote. The competition is so close this year, that saying goodbye to anyone is extremely difficult, so this display of emotion is natural and to be expected.

Also, from past experience, the judges will look at the couples’ progress over the competition, especially if the dances are of a similar standard in the dance-off. Where couples have been in the dance-off before, it does suggest they are struggling with public support. We have no idea what a dance-off is like, having never been there, however Jamelia was a true fighter till the end in her 5th dance-off. We can imagine the dance-off is a scary place, where nobody wants to keep ending up in the competition. The judges may have voted Jamelia off to save her from yet another Dance-Off. Sometimes you have to be a little bit cruel to be kind.

We all know the Results Show is recorded and edited. For the hours of footage that are probably condensed into 35 minutes, it is possible that things may not be shown in as impartial a light as is hoped. The Tower Ballroom is not a TV studio. We saw the camera wobbling whilst couples were dancing on the springy floor, so it’s natural that they would need to record or re-record extra footage (such as Standing Ovations) to compensate for wobbly cameras. The Strictly studio Director’s opinion on what happened in Blackpool cleared a lot of things up and explained things perfectly for us.

Finally, let’s not forget how hard the professionals, celebrities, creative team, production team, hair team, costume team and make-up all work to make Strictly a magical show. This year’s choreography has been more creative than ever and Strictly keeps getting better and better. 

In our opinion, Strictly is still the best show on TV and nothing will ever change that. This is our side of the story. We know there are two sides to a story, however let’s put the fix rumours to bed. What happened in Blackpool, stays in Blackpool. *steps off soapbox*

Thank you for reading this.

Cassie πŸ™‚ 

Strictly Gifts To Add To Your Christmas List!

With just one month until Christmas, we’ve been busy writing our Christmas Lists. Needless to say as Strictly Fans there are many Strictlified Gifts out there. Here are 10 gift ideas, incase you need some help writing your Christmas List:

1. Strictly Come Dancing Annual 2016

This is a must have for any Strictly fan! Ours has been ordered and will be delivered by Santa in one little Strictly fan’s stocking. It always provides much entertainment and provides a great insight into what goes on behind the scenes of our favourite TV programme. Available from all good bookshops. RRP Β£9.99


2. Strictly Come Dancing Live Tour Tickets

We love dressing up and donning our sequins especially for this great evening. These have been on our wishlist since January, and hopefully, if we’re good Santa will bring them to us. We know tickets to the live shows are like golddust, so this event gives us and fellow Strictly fans a great chance to experience the magical world of planet Strictly. Ticket prices start at Β£50 per person.

3. Strictly Come Dancing Calendar 2016

We’ve seen the future and it’s about to get very Sparkly. If you love Strictly, why not ask Santa for a Strictly Calendar. It’ll help relieve your post-strictly blues and will remind you of the wonderful Strictly 2015 cast. Available from most good bookshops. Prices start at Β£7

4. A Sparkly Dance Weekend or Strictly Cruise

Dance lessons, or a Donahey’s weekend are our idea of a dream Christmas gift *pleads with Santa and nudges hubby.* They’re a great opportunity to learn a new skill and see some of our favourite professional dancers in action. For more information, visit or

5. Dance DVDs or Video Games

We love any opportunity to have a boogie, and these, especially Just Dance never fail to get us up on our feet. They even got my dad dancing last Christmas (even if he deleted the video evidence!) RRP from Β£24.95 for Just Dance 2016.

6. Sparkly Make-Up

All us girlies love a few sequins, some glitter and some fake-tan to give us the Strictly look! So far this year at a variety of shops, we’ve seen many gift sets including Fake Tan, Sparkly Nail Art and Make-Up which’ll make the ideal stocking filler!

7. Sparkly Strictlified Tote Bags

As we’re getting used to heading to the shops with our tote bags, we feel the need for a Sparkly alternative, so found this on the BBC Shop online! It’s brightly coloured and has just enough sparkle to keep you going in the strictly-less months. Available from the BBC Shop ( for Β£9.99

8. A Strictlified Biography

So many Strictly people have books out at the moment; Pasha, Kristina, Craig and even Bruce! They make great reads and will most definitely be welcome under our Christmas tree this year! Available from most good book shops, prices vary from Β£7.99 – Β£21.00

9. Sparkly Slippers

So, you want some sparkly shoes, but cannot walk in heels and find slippers far more comfortable? Well snoozies are for you. Last year, I got given some for Christmas, and as well as being super sparkly, they are the most comfortable slippers ever! Available on for Β£9.99 + P&P

10. Personalised Gift (for the Strictly Fan who has everything!)

There are strictly superfans, who have every imaginable sparkly gift! For them, the wonderful folk at have devised these brilliant mugs which are unique and can be personalised. They even do a matching coaster with them. How awesome is that? Prices for the mug start at Β£12.


And finally, I’ll leave you with this adorable Christmas letter my 5 year old addressed to Santa last year (aged 4!):

Thank you for reading this post. We hope you enjoyed it. If you can think of any great gift ideas for Christmas, comment below! We’d love to hear from you, just so we can add them to our wish-list! 

Cassie (Santa’s Little Helper!)

Strictly 2015 – Farewell to the superstar partnership of Jamelia and Tristan!

Tonight Jamelia and Tristan became the 8th couple to leave the Strictly 2015 ballroom! 

It really has been an emotional rollercoaster for these two. From sheer joy at being paired together (Jamelia, we’d have reacted the same way!) to despair finding themselves in the dance-off 5 times, these two have been true survivors and week after week have come back with some wonderful performances.

We’ve loved watching Jamelia grow in confidence as a dancer and these two become the very best of friends.

They went out on a high with their best dance in the Quickstep. In the dance-off they performed to their best ability. It was such a closely matched dance-off and we don’t envy the judges who had a seriously tough decision choosing who should stay and who should go.

We’ll miss Jamelia’s infectious giggles, her smile and watching Tristan on the show.

Here are some of their best bits:

We’d love this post to become a tribute to them. Comment below with your messages of support for this partnership and we’ll make sure they see them.

Cassie πŸ™‚ 

Strictly 2015 – Blackpool Results Show Review!

After watching tonight’s results show we can honestly say we have been swept away! Think this may have been what happened to Claudia before the start of tonight’s show, even though we did forewarn the Blackpool Tower Ballroom team to remove the hedge outside before the Strictly extravaganza.

The show opened with a truly incredible professional routine where the Strictly girls soared and flew across the Tower Ballroom. Strictly routines get better and better week after week. We cannot wait to see what they have up their sleeves next week.

We were also treated to a wonderful performance from Anastasia and some incredible dancers. If anyone knows who they were, we’d love to know!

Take That also arrived (along with my leopard print coat) many dancers and Oti, Joanne and Karen (lucky ladies) to perform on the Blackpool stage!

The couples were saved one by one until Peter and Jamelia were in the dance-off! It was a very close contest, but in the end Peter and Janette were saved to dance in Week 10! We’d have hated to be in the judges’ shoes, as we couldn’t choose a couple to go through.

We can honestly say that this weekend’s shows were the best shows ever and we cannot wait to see how Strictly tops this next week!

We’ll have a special blog post as a tribute to Jamelia coming up shortly on the blog. Keep posted for your chance to leave a message for Jamelia and Tristan.

Cassie πŸ™‚ 

Strictly 2015 – Blackpool Week Performance Recap

It’s that time of year again and time for us to dust off our Kiss Me Quick hats and chomp on a stick of rock (or 2!) Yes, tonight, Strictly went to Blackpool for what was quite possibly the best Strictly ever! We’re hoping our Kiss me Quick hat was better received than Claudia’s *watches as everyone apart from the cat leaves the room* 😳

The show started with a group dance of epic proportions featuring all the professionals and celebrities on the floor together. It was an upstairs-downstairs theme, and we’d love the Strictly Pros to wait on us when we next go out for a meal, even if it does mean Giovanni ends up with another Custard Pie on his face.


The judges made their entry into the ballroom and one judge made a particularly dramatic entrance to Bohemian Rhapsody. There was one very familiar face in the audience, Jeremy Vine. This was supposed to be the theme of Jeremy & Karen’s routine this week had they not been eliminated last weekend. We have the funniest feeling that Craig didn’t ask Jeremy his permission before making his entrance, as Jeremy scored him a 3 for this efforts.

First up performing tonight were Jay and Aliona with their Salsa. Jay worked on his facial expressions this week. His hard work really showed in his performance.  It was a super cool Salsa which took us to Havana and back. We could hardly tell the difference between him and the other backing dancers. We loved it and awarded him a Strictly 10. Our judges gave him 36/40.

It was then time for Jamelia and Tristan to perform their Quickstep. After surviving the dance-off for the 4th time last week, this week these two became dolls. Hands up if you’d like a Tristan doll on your Christmas list!

It was by far their best dance of the series and in our opinion deserved a 9. They looked like little dancing dolls and it was dolly good! Jamelia’s dress was beautiful. Things got a little emotional and Jamelia even cried as the judges awarded them 31/40!

Anita and Gleb then amazed us with a Paso Doble full of drama and flamenco flair. Paso Dobles always thrill and wow us in Blackpool and this was no exception. We loved it and felt like we were transported to Seville (Poor Derek the Donkey! We’ve done a lot of travelling tonight, haven’t we?) We awarded it a Strictly 10. Our judges gave Anita her first 10 and she earnt a wonderful 37/40. Her parents were there to watch her dance, and we think Anita’s Mum is quite possibly the cutest human being ever.

Katie and Anton then took us to Hollywood (just as well we only just renewed our Passport!) for an American Smooth full of glamour, class and elegance. These two do these 3 things perfectly, and this routine was simply beautiful. We loved it and in our opinion they deserved a 9. Our judges awarded them their best score so far 35/40. Anton (and my 5 year old) were both over the moon and we heard Anton sleeps in his Top Hat! Strictly producers, if you’re reading this, we want to see photographic evidence of said Top Hat!

It was then time for Peter and Janette’s Jive. We love Tina Turner and thought this dance was Simply the Best. The music choice was brilliant. It was not technically perfect, but Peter came out and performed this routine brilliantly. It got us dancing and once again, Janette’s choreography was great! In our opinion they deserved a 10. Our judges awarded them a disappointing 29/40.

Georgia and Giovanni were next and gave an impressive performance. Their American Smooth Viennese Waltz was beautiful and Giovanni’s singing has to be the best thing ever. It did make us ever so slightly emotional. These two really are the Prince and Princess of the ballroom. For us they deserved 10. Our judges awarded them 38/40.

We then took a trip to Broadway for Helen and Aljaz’s Charleston. As well as multiple Helens (which confused us) this dance had really tricky choreography which Helen mastered. There was a split between the judges. Darcey and Bruno loved it (as did we!) Craig said it was too controlled and Len felt there was too much side-by-side choreography and not enough dancing! In our opinion they deserved a 9. Our judges awarded them 34/40.

Strictly really do save the best till last. Tonight it was the turn of Kellie and Kevin who took us to the office for a first class Quickstep. It was light, bright and brilliant. We wish every day at the office was like this dance *begs James in accounts to dance on Monday* We loved it and awarded them 10. Our judges gave them 37/40 and Kevin and Kellie’s first 10 of the series. 

That ended tonight’s Blackpool show. We can honestly say Strictly gets bigger and better every week and this week was no exception. We loved it and hope nobody goes home tomorrow night. They’re all too good to leave.

We’d love to hear what you thought of tonight’s show. We’d love to hear what you thought of the show too. Comment below or tweet @scd_support to let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

We’re back tomorrow night from 7pm, tweeting along with the Strictly Results show. Hope to see you then.

Cassie πŸ™‚