Strictly 2015 – It Takes Two – Show 26 Recap

On tonight’s It Takes Two, Zoe was joined by Jeremy and Karen, Natalie Lowe and Kirsty and Brendan. Can we point out that we loved Zoe’s fringed sparkly top! *suffers serious dress envy wondering where it’s from.*

First up were Kirsty and Brendan. We learnt:

1) They’re feeling sad and weren’t ready to go (just yet!)

2) Brendan is proud of what Kirsty achieved!

3) Kirsty put everything into what she did and enjoyed every minute of her time on strictly

4) She and Brendan will be friends for life and she’s going to miss all her friends in the Strictly cast of 2015.

6) Her favourite dance was the Salsa! Brendan’s favourite was the American Smooth (dressed as Lady and the Tramp!)

7) Brendan is happy that Kirsty worked hard. She was very stiff and scared at first but she has become a dancer. They are grateful for all the support they got!

8) Kirsty can’t choose a winner from the remaining contestants as they are all such good friends.

We then took a spooky sneak peek behind the scenes of the Halloween special. We learnt:

1) Jamelia is scared of horses, spiders and dancing in front of millions of people

2) Jeremy is scared of Gleb’s six pack. (We find it scarily awesome too Jeremy!)

3) Georgia is scared of Giovanni!

4) Giovanni has a scary spider!

5) Pasha looked like a green Simon Cowell

The lovely Natalie Lowe then guest-hosted Choreography Corner. We learnt:

1) Natalie was surprised by the results and is sad to see Kirsty go!

2) She doesn’t want to see Jamelia in the Dance-Off again.

3) She’s going out with Ainsley for a day-trip on Thursday

4) She thought:

Helen and Aljaz’s Samba was great. She was confident and had great technique.

Kellie and Kevin’s Paso had genius choreography. She loved the table-dancing part!

Jamelia and Tristan’s Jive had lots of oomph in the Dance-Off. She needs to have confidence and believe in herself

Georgia and Giovanni’s Tango was gorgeous. Her frame, footwork and pivots were brilliant! 

Jeremy and Karen’s Salsa was epic! It was fantastic. He committed to everything and gave it his all! His timing is impeccable and he partners Karen perfectly. Natalie loves Jeremy (as do we!)

The amazing Jeremy and Karen were the final couple to join Zoe on the sofa. We learnt:

1) They were thrilled being top of the leaderboard so much so that Jeremy wanted Claudia to stop the show!

2) There are two Karens. Karen in the normal world and Balcony Karen (who goes a little bit crazy and gets Claudia in a headlock!)

3) They are improving and Karen has lost her voice from shouting so much!

4) Jeremy is listening, constantly practising and improving. Karen is a very proud teacher!

5) This week they’re dancing the Tango. It’s Jeremy’s favourite dance and Karen says he’s got the technique already! 

That ended tonight’s It Takes Two. We’re back tomorrow for another recap. Hope to see you then!

Cassie πŸ™‚ 


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