Strictly 2015 – It Takes Two (Show 27 – Recap)

On tonight’s It Takes Two, Zoe was joined by Jamelia and Tristan, Peter and Janette and Joanne Clifton. We learnt:

1) Peter Andre has wired the jukebox so it only plays his songs! 

First up on the sofa were Jamelia and Tristan. We learnt:

1) They had loads of fun dancing the Jive.

2) Tristan made sure his choreography to Time Warp was different to any other dance that had been performed using the song.

3) They are the best at being the worst.

4) Jamelia thought Iveta was called Iveta Luckypoopoo!

5) They see the dance-off as an opportunity to correct the mistakes and work on the judges’ comments.

6) Tristan got some pom poms. He is Jamelia’s biggest cheerleader!

7) This week they’re dancing the Viennese Waltz. She’s feeling more positive about dancing Ballroom this week and are working hard.

It was then time for Choreography Corner with Joanne Clifton (nice boots and demos by the way!) WE learnt:

1) She loved the Halloween special and thought it was amazing.

2) She thought:

Peter and Janette don’t have a problem with his shoulders. She’d like him to learn to lift his arms up and be aware of his positioning and twist his hips and head.

Anita and Gleb had a lot of fluidity but she needs to keep her shoulders parallel to Gleb and not be like a shopping trolley with a dodgy wheel!

Jay and Aliona pulled off a super cool performance. He had great swing and sway!

Carol and Pasha‘s Rumba needed her to step on the balls of her feet to get more hip action.

Katie and Anton‘s Paso Doble was great and the judges were unfair ! She had great lines and her focus was great. She needed a little bit more tension in her whole body.

Peter and Janette then joined Zoe. We learnt:
1) He got very nervous minutes before dancing the Foxtrot and started panicking! He still loved dancing the Foxtrot

2) Janette lost him and thought he’d turned into a ghost. (nope, he’s still here!) πŸ‘»

3) Janette explained the concept of the dance. Peter was a ghost that she was trying to get rid of throughout the dance. πŸ‘»

5) This week they’re dancing the Charleston. He says anyone called Charles should watch out, because they’re going to rock the dance! 

6) He can’t stop smiling and loves the energy.

7) They have a mannequin watching every move in their rehearsal room. He’s called Bob and is Peter’s biggest fan. *waves to Bob*

Finally, it was time for Ask the Pros with Janette, Tristan and Joanne. We learnt:

1) Song choices are collaborative between the producers, professionals and Jason Gilkison

2) If they could they’d add Interpretive or Tap Dance to the dance genres on the show

3) To achieve the perfect swivel you need red welly boots and to imagine you are Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz! Good answer Jo!

4) Tristan has a grumpy face!

5) Joanne felt weird winning the world championships. She was happy, relieved and upset at the same time!

That ended tonight’s It Takes Two. We’re back tomorrow night for another recap. Hope to see you then.

Cassie πŸ™‚ 


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