Strictly 2015 – Week Sev-ern Performance review from @serenepingu

Question : What do you get if you mix a giant horse, a naughty guitar case and another Gleb special? 

Answer: A magnificent night of entertainment!

Tonight, the lovely Cassie was away taking part in and hosting a charity evening, so she left little old me, Serene, in charge tweeting and posting the blog! Here’s what I thought of tonight’s performances and the show overall:


The show kicked off with a showstopper of a Charleston from Peter and Janette! They set the bar really high and this performance not only suited Peter’s character, but he performed Janette’s choreography perfectly too. Unsurprisingly, they got the first standing ovation of the night, and Len even got out of his seat *dialed the Strictly paramedics just incase he did his dodgy knee in* We learnt that Peter had been in hibernation, a bit like a hedgehog, for the last few weeks. He came alive tonight and performed on another level! We felt the performance deserved a Strictly 10, our judges awarded him 38/40, including 2 10s and equalling Janette’s Charleston score from last year.

Next up were Jamelia and Tristan (as well as a naughty Guitar case) with a beautiful Viennese Waltz. Jamelia’s dress looked stunning. She looked elegant and beautiful, performed the steps brilliantly and produced her best performance to date, despite a naughty guitar case getting in the way. We felt she deserved a Strictly 8, our judges awarded her 28/40 and Len threatened to pickle his walnuts if she’s in the dance-off next week! *gets voting quickly as we have no idea what him pickling his walnuts will do*

Carol and Pasha were next to take to the floor with an American Smooth. We learnt Carol had a phobia of lifts which led us to predict they’d take her up the Shard, like Aljaz and Helen, but alas it wasn’t to be! For us, Carol looked beautiful in her dance and for us it was her best performance. Sadly the judges disagreed awarding her only 17/40. We felt she deserved a 6!

We then sang “Hello from the sofaside” to Helen and Aljaz for their Rumba. From the start we thought Helen looked stunning in her sparkly playsuit and Aljaz choreographed a beautiful Rumba. Her performance was touching and romantic and left our eyes leaking a little bit. Len criticised Aljaz for a lack of choreography, which led the judges to have a bit of an altercation. Bruno got scared, Len went Crazy and Craig and Darcey were the voice of reason for once! We really enjoyed it (the dance, not the altercation!) and felt Helen and Aljaz deserved a 10! Our judges awarded them 31/40 (the highest score of a Rumba this series!)

It was then time for Jay and Aliona’s Orangentine MangoArgentine Mango, Argentine Tango. We were looking forward to this dance for several reasons:

1) It was the first Argentine Tango of the series 

2) We love the Argentine Tango

3) We love Jay!

The dance did not disappoint and was full of passion, style and atmosphere. It was hot and we were so into the performance, we even heard a pin drop above all the fireworks. We loved it, even if the judges said he needed to growl a bit more (he needs to wear that wolf costume every week now, doesn’t he?) We awarded him a 10, our judges awarded them 34/40. Jay commented that if he’s back next week he’ll take on board all the judges comments. We love him even more; modest as well as a great dancer!

Next up were the classy and elegant Katie and Anton with a Quickstep straight from Broadway via 42nd Street. Anton put lots of content for Katie to perform and she performed the choreography brilliantly. She looked like Ginger Rogers. We felt they deserved a Strictly 10, our judges disagreed and awarded them 26/40. We think they must have been watching something else!

It was then time for the routine we’d been waiting for all night long! Yes, it was time for Anita and Gleb’s Jive featuring a Gleb Special and Gleb of course! They were performing to a number 1 single from a former judge and champion (Alesha Dixon’s The Boy Does Nothing) which was a good omen. Anita looked like a pro and performed the choreography brilliantly. She is a champion in our opinion already! We gave them a Strictly 10 and threatened to eat our hat if they didn’t get a 10. The judges awarded them 34/40, so hat eating commenced!

Must remember to add ketchup next time, it’s a bit wooden!

It was then time for Kellie and Kevin to move house and perform a Waltz at the same time. *Learns the waltz ready for when she moves into her new place next year* Kevin took Kellie to a tea dance, where she found another dance partner (watch out Kev!) The whole concept and choreography were beautiful and Kellie danced Kevin’s choreography brilliantly! We do feel for Kevin as he always seems to draw the short straw with costumes, but in our opinion the whole routine was worthy of 10s. Our judges awarded them 32/40 and they were very happy!

We then went to the wild wild west of Elstree for Jeremy and Karen’s Tango featuring the world’s largest horse you’ve ever seen:

We must say Jeremy puts his all into every performance and tries his best. This routine was pure entertainment mashed up with drama and he pulled it off! We loved it and credit must go to Karen for her wonderful choreography. We were left beaming after watching that routine and awarded them a Strictly 8! The judges gave them 21/40. We don’t care what the judges say, we loved it!

Our final routine came from Georgia and Giovanni who performed the Samba. We learnt Giovanni was missing Italy, so Georgia tried to show him how Manchester was like Italy. The whole routine was super fast, fabulous and fantastic! These two are the most adorable partnership and Georgia performed Giovanni’s choreography perfectly. In our opinion they deserved a 10, our judges gave them 35/40!

That ended tonight’s show. We’d love to hear who are your favourites and who you think is in danger of going home, comment below or tweet @scd_support to let us know.

Thank you to everyone who joined in with tweeting tonight, we hope you enjoyed the show, our tweets and this blog.

Cassie is back tomorrow from 7pm for a results show chat. Hope you can join her then!

Serene πŸ™‚ 


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