Strictly 2015 – Results Show Recap Week 7

After a fab-u-lous evening last night performing on stage, normality (well some sort of normality) resumed in the world of the Strictly Support Group, as I (Cassie) returned to watch tonight’s results show and it definitely had more drama than an episode of Eastenders!

The show opened with a wonderful 40’s themed Jive from our professionals which was truly incredible. Not only did it feature dancing, but also featured the lovely Joanne Clifton’s wonderful singing! Is there anything that girl can’t do? The dance took us back to the 1940s and filled us with joy! We loved it.

The show also featured a performance from Joanne and Giovanni with a performing seal Seal. The dancing was incredible, the outfits even better and some great music too (even if my 5 year old did declare “I don’t like the noises this Seal makes! He doesn’t sound like the one we saw at the zoo!)

We also saw the return of The Crab! No, Scott Mills didn’t dance his legendary Samba again but he came on the programme to reveal that he’ll be abseiling down the Blackpool Tower for Children In Need. As it’s a great cause and a scary prospect, we will be supporting him and hoping he’s wearing his Crab Costume! 🦀

It was then time to reveal who was in the dance-off. Couples were saved one by one, until we all had a huge shock when Kellie and Kevin were revealed as the 1st couple being in the dance off. We needed a stiff drink (and my 5 year old needed a hot chocolate!) It goes to show that everyone needs your votes and nobody is safe. It was Kevin’s first ever dance-off which is credit to him and his choreography and teaching for avoiding the dance-off this long. It was also time for a strictly fact! In Week 7 last year, Caroline was in the dance-off with a Waltz and she went on to win the show!

Jamelia made it up to the Clauditorium and appeared to be elated! We couldn’t understand a word she was saying. Helen looked so terrifed we wanted to give her a hug, and Aljaz declared he didn’t like the particular order of results! We also learnt that Georgia and Giovanni will be dancing the Charleston or Charlie-ston if your name is Giovanni.

We then heard that Carol and Pasha were the second couple to be in the dance-off. Carol really is the loveliest lady ever to have appeared on Strictly.

 As both couples took to the floor in the Dance-Off, we saw Kellie and Kevin perform a perfect Waltz and Carol do the best she could! In the end, Kellie and Kevin were saved, but Carol can leave the world of Strictly with her head high as she did her best.

We’ll have a post coming soon with a tribute to Carol, where you can leave your messages of support.

Cassie 🙂 


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