Strictly 2015 – Week 8 Performance Review!

Strictly never fails to make us smile, and after an eventful and emotional 24 hours, tonight’s show did just the job. It is the week before Blackpool and we learnt nobody wants to leave. We don’t want anyone to leave either *begs the Strictly bosses to change the rules.*

Tonight was the night when Tristan dressed up as Kevin and Kevin became Kevin the Teenager! We must point out Tristan only borrowed Kevin’s glasses and we’re sure Kevin is no way as grumpy as Kevin the Teenager. We love how crazy and wonderful the world of Strictly is just for these two shots:

Now that that part is over, it was time to get on with the show. 

The show opened with Anita and Gleb‘s Quickstep. We learnt that Anita struggles in training. She is not a trained dancer, yet week after week comes out and amazes us. The whole routine was light, bright and super speedy. It was so speedy, my 5 year old came out with this pearl of wisdom:

In our opinion, they deserved a 9, our judges gave them 32/40. We were then left with the image of Gleb being chased by hen parties in Blackpool *assembles the Strictly Support Group to make a Strictlified Hen-Do in Blackpool next weekend.*

Next up were Jay and Aliona with their Foxtrot. We learnt that Jay struggles with the emotion of the dance, so he performed the most emotional and beautiful foxtrot ever and to test how emotional it was he performed it infront of a group of students from the Royal Academy of Dance. The moment we heard the music, we burst into tears and felt the dance was captivating and beautiful. There apparently was a mistake, although we were distracted so didn’t see it. In our opinion they deserved a 9, our judges awarded them 30/40.

It was then the turn of Jamelia and Tristan (wearing Kevin’s glasses) to dance the Samba. We know all great dancers and choreographers wear glasses. This routine was super fast and had such great storytelling. Technically Jamelia’s legs needed to straighten a bit more, but we loved it and felt it was one of her best dances. We gave her a 7. Our judges awarded her 26/40. I had another pearl of wisdom from my lovely 5 year old, for you the voting public:

Helen and Aljaz  then wowed us with a Terrific Tango. We must say Helen’s dress looked stunning and once again Aljaz choreographed a brilliant routine which was perfectly performed by the pair of them. It reminded us why we love the Tango so much. Darcey talked about Christmas, or was it Crispness before the judges awarded them 34/40 and we felt the dance deserved a 10!

We then fell in love with Katie and Anton’s Rumba! Katie looked gorgeous in her dress, Anton choreographed a classy and elegant dance which suited Katie brilliantly. We loved the routine and felt it deserved a 9. Craig called it melodramatic (pot calling kettle black we think) before the judges awarded them 31/40 which was Anton’s highest Rumba score ever. It also left Anton feeling the happiest he had ever on Strictly. That has to be some achievement.

It was then time for Kellie and Kevin (The Fresh Prince from Grimsby/The Teenager) and their Samba. We learnt that neither of them want to be in the dance off again *gets voting* and that Kevin went back to the 90s this week in training wearing inline skates and a baseball cap! He also had the world’s largest boombox, cue the 3rd pearl of wisdom from my 5 year old:

“I think Kevin should ask Santa for an iPod for Christmas. That thing that plays music is nearly as big as him!”

Once again, Kevin’s choreography was creative and imaginative and Kellie really shook, shook the room with their Samba. It was a great performance which we loved, but some of the judges hated. It was a bit like marmite, but we love marmite (especially with cheese on toast!) In our opinion they deserved a 10, our judges awarded them 33/40.

Peter and Janette then performed a beautiful Viennese Waltz which moved us to tears.  Peter’s kids turned up to training and we must say Junior Andre is a future ballroom dancer, especially with his posture and frame. The music was beautiful, their outfits fit for a prince and princess and the choreography was once again imaginative. Their dancing wasn’t too shabby either. We awarded them a 9. Our judges gave him 34/40.

It was then time for Georgia and Giovanni to take to the floor with their Charleston. We learnt that Georgia signed up to Strictly to dance the Charleston and she was performing to a song from her favourite musical ever, Chicago. Her love of the routine and theme shone through in this performance. Giovanni’s choreography as ever was brilliant and truly stretched Georgia. The whole performance was fast, fabulous and fantastic. We loved it and gave it a 10. Our judges awarded them 39/40.

As the anticipation built, we reached the final couple of the night. It was time to watch Jeremy and Karen dance their quickstep. They went underground to practise their routine and amazed the Crossrail team. Jeremy is what strictly is all about and truly deserves to be in the competition. His resilience and the amount he puts into every dance make him a joy to watch. The routine was pure entertainment and Jeremy’s frame was brilliant. We gave them an 8, our judges awarded him 22/40.

That ended tonight’s show. We’ll leave you with some of the highlights from tonight’s show in pictures:

Thank you to all those who joined us. We’re back tomorrow night from 7pm tweeting along with the results show. In the meantime, we’d love to hear who were your favourites tonight. Comment below or tweet @scd_support to  let  us know. We look forward to hearing from  you.



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