Strictly 2015 – Blackpool Results Show Review!

After watching tonight’s results show we can honestly say we have been swept away! Think this may have been what happened to Claudia before the start of tonight’s show, even though we did forewarn the Blackpool Tower Ballroom team to remove the hedge outside before the Strictly extravaganza.

The show opened with a truly incredible professional routine where the Strictly girls soared and flew across the Tower Ballroom. Strictly routines get better and better week after week. We cannot wait to see what they have up their sleeves next week.

We were also treated to a wonderful performance from Anastasia and some incredible dancers. If anyone knows who they were, we’d love to know!

Take That also arrived (along with my leopard print coat) many dancers and Oti, Joanne and Karen (lucky ladies) to perform on the Blackpool stage!

The couples were saved one by one until Peter and Jamelia were in the dance-off! It was a very close contest, but in the end Peter and Janette were saved to dance in Week 10! We’d have hated to be in the judges’ shoes, as we couldn’t choose a couple to go through.

We can honestly say that this weekend’s shows were the best shows ever and we cannot wait to see how Strictly tops this next week!

We’ll have a special blog post as a tribute to Jamelia coming up shortly on the blog. Keep posted for your chance to leave a message for Jamelia and Tristan.

Cassie πŸ™‚ 


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