Strictly 2015 – What happens in Blackpool stays in Blackpool.

Unless you have been hiding under a Blackpool rock for the last few days, you’ve probably heard some less than favourable rumours about, what we think is the best show on TV, Strictly!

I have loved and watched Strictly from the very beginning. Over the course of the last 11 years, you could probably count the number of times I’ve missed the show on one hand. More recently, my little girl (Bella) has followed in her Mummy’s footsteps  and become the biggest smallest Strictly fan I know. I’m not someone to get on my soapbox, but as it relates to something I love, and more importantly something my little girl loves, I feel compelled to share my thoughts on what happened in Blackpool.

My little girl has asked many questions over the last few days, especially when she has seen Strictly all over the papers. I have explained what’s happened, and in her opinion “that’s rubbish Mummy!” I agree with her completely. We both love Strictly, and nothing can change our opinion on that!

The dance-off was brought in to ensure that the right couple in the bottom two are saved by the judges. The judges are entitled to their own opinion and will pick the couple they think is right to go through based on the performance in the dance-off. Jamelia’s performance may have been stronger in the dance-off, but Peter’s dance was massively improved from his first performance. 

Yes, there will be differences of opinion between the judges, as they all look for differently things. Craig, Darcey and Bruno tend to focus more on the performance element, whereas Len is a traditionalist. When a competition is so close, and a dance-off very close in standard, not all the judges will agree on who should be saved. Len will have the deciding vote, however if the three judges vote for the same person, his vote doesn’t count. You could see Darcey was physically torn after casting her vote. The competition is so close this year, that saying goodbye to anyone is extremely difficult, so this display of emotion is natural and to be expected.

Also, from past experience, the judges will look at the couples’ progress over the competition, especially if the dances are of a similar standard in the dance-off. Where couples have been in the dance-off before, it does suggest they are struggling with public support. We have no idea what a dance-off is like, having never been there, however Jamelia was a true fighter till the end in her 5th dance-off. We can imagine the dance-off is a scary place, where nobody wants to keep ending up in the competition. The judges may have voted Jamelia off to save her from yet another Dance-Off. Sometimes you have to be a little bit cruel to be kind.

We all know the Results Show is recorded and edited. For the hours of footage that are probably condensed into 35 minutes, it is possible that things may not be shown in as impartial a light as is hoped. The Tower Ballroom is not a TV studio. We saw the camera wobbling whilst couples were dancing on the springy floor, so it’s natural that they would need to record or re-record extra footage (such as Standing Ovations) to compensate for wobbly cameras. The Strictly studio Director’s opinion on what happened in Blackpool cleared a lot of things up and explained things perfectly for us.

Finally, let’s not forget how hard the professionals, celebrities, creative team, production team, hair team, costume team and make-up all work to make Strictly a magical show. This year’s choreography has been more creative than ever and Strictly keeps getting better and better. 

In our opinion, Strictly is still the best show on TV and nothing will ever change that. This is our side of the story. We know there are two sides to a story, however let’s put the fix rumours to bed. What happened in Blackpool, stays in Blackpool. *steps off soapbox*

Thank you for reading this.

Cassie šŸ™‚ 


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