Strictly Gifts To Add To Your Christmas List!

With just one month until Christmas, we’ve been busy writing our Christmas Lists. Needless to say as Strictly Fans there are many Strictlified Gifts out there. Here are 10 gift ideas, incase you need some help writing your Christmas List:

1. Strictly Come Dancing Annual 2016

This is a must have for any Strictly fan! Ours has been ordered and will be delivered by Santa in one little Strictly fan’s stocking. It always provides much entertainment and provides a great insight into what goes on behind the scenes of our favourite TV programme. Available from all good bookshops. RRP £9.99


2. Strictly Come Dancing Live Tour Tickets

We love dressing up and donning our sequins especially for this great evening. These have been on our wishlist since January, and hopefully, if we’re good Santa will bring them to us. We know tickets to the live shows are like golddust, so this event gives us and fellow Strictly fans a great chance to experience the magical world of planet Strictly. Ticket prices start at £50 per person.

3. Strictly Come Dancing Calendar 2016

We’ve seen the future and it’s about to get very Sparkly. If you love Strictly, why not ask Santa for a Strictly Calendar. It’ll help relieve your post-strictly blues and will remind you of the wonderful Strictly 2015 cast. Available from most good bookshops. Prices start at £7

4. A Sparkly Dance Weekend or Strictly Cruise

Dance lessons, or a Donahey’s weekend are our idea of a dream Christmas gift *pleads with Santa and nudges hubby.* They’re a great opportunity to learn a new skill and see some of our favourite professional dancers in action. For more information, visit or

5. Dance DVDs or Video Games

We love any opportunity to have a boogie, and these, especially Just Dance never fail to get us up on our feet. They even got my dad dancing last Christmas (even if he deleted the video evidence!) RRP from £24.95 for Just Dance 2016.

6. Sparkly Make-Up

All us girlies love a few sequins, some glitter and some fake-tan to give us the Strictly look! So far this year at a variety of shops, we’ve seen many gift sets including Fake Tan, Sparkly Nail Art and Make-Up which’ll make the ideal stocking filler!

7. Sparkly Strictlified Tote Bags

As we’re getting used to heading to the shops with our tote bags, we feel the need for a Sparkly alternative, so found this on the BBC Shop online! It’s brightly coloured and has just enough sparkle to keep you going in the strictly-less months. Available from the BBC Shop ( for £9.99

8. A Strictlified Biography

So many Strictly people have books out at the moment; Pasha, Kristina, Craig and even Bruce! They make great reads and will most definitely be welcome under our Christmas tree this year! Available from most good book shops, prices vary from £7.99 – £21.00

9. Sparkly Slippers

So, you want some sparkly shoes, but cannot walk in heels and find slippers far more comfortable? Well snoozies are for you. Last year, I got given some for Christmas, and as well as being super sparkly, they are the most comfortable slippers ever! Available on for £9.99 + P&P

10. Personalised Gift (for the Strictly Fan who has everything!)

There are strictly superfans, who have every imaginable sparkly gift! For them, the wonderful folk at have devised these brilliant mugs which are unique and can be personalised. They even do a matching coaster with them. How awesome is that? Prices for the mug start at £12.


And finally, I’ll leave you with this adorable Christmas letter my 5 year old addressed to Santa last year (aged 4!):

Thank you for reading this post. We hope you enjoyed it. If you can think of any great gift ideas for Christmas, comment below! We’d love to hear from you, just so we can add them to our wish-list! 

Cassie (Santa’s Little Helper!)


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