Strictly 2015 – The Magnificent Seven, The Quickstepathon and Tens a plenty – Week 10 Performance Review

Tonight, the Magnificent Seven took to the floor to impress the awesome foursome of judges whilst the delightful duo of Claudia and Tess impressed us with their antics once more. It was week 10 and time for the quickstepathon. It was also time for it to rain tens, for Len to want to be called Donald and for things to get a little emotional as one couple produced their best dances to date. 

All in all it was an amazing night of dancing and quite possibly the best Strictly ever! Here are our thoughts on each of the performances and the quickstepathon.

The show kicked off with Kevin and Kellie and their Salsa. These two really got the party started. It had the atmosphere of a Cuban Fiesta and got us up and dancing. It had great storytelling (we loved the text message element) There were daring lifts and Kevin revealed it was the hardest dance he’d ever choreographed on Strictly. Kellie truly did an incredible job and in our opinion the whole routine deserved a 10. Our judges awarded them 34/40 points. 

Next up were Katie and Anton with their Argentine Tango (or if you’re my 5 year old an Orangetine Mango!) It was Anton’s very first Argentine Tango, Katie signed up to Strictly to perform this dance and it was a beautiful routine. The choreography was exquisite, Katie’s dress was beautiful and the dance gave us goosebumps, yes it was cold tonight, but these two performed a routine that was full of atmosphere and drama. In our opinion they deserved a 9. Our judges were a little bit mean and scored them 32/40. Note from my 5 year old “If the judges keep being mean to Katie, I’m telling Santa about them!” Craig, Darcey, Len and Bruno, look out! Santa Claus is coming to town.

It was then time to be transported to a dance fit for Cinderella and prince Charming as Helen and Aljaz took to the floor with their Viennese Waltz. There are moments on Strictly which are moments of pure perfection and this was one of them. The music (Etta James’ At Last) was beautiful, Helen’s dress really made her look like Cinderella and the choreography and dancing were brilliant. It left us feeling a little emotional, Darcey feeling speechless (why can’t that happen to Craig?) and gave the couple their highest score of the competition, earning them a brilliant 39/40!

We were then wowed by Jay and Aliona with a dramatic, intense and fiery Tango! The choreography, dancing and musicality were brilliant and Jay’s Tango face was brilliant. He really captured the character of the dance. The judges awarded him a well-deserved 38/40.

We then had the sweetest feeling watching Peter and Janette’s American Smooth. If there are 2 things we like, they are cupcakes and American Smooth so this dance was right up our street. It was adorable and left us smiling (as Peter’s performances always do) We must point out that Janette is by far the most encouraging professional of them all. It wasn’t the strongest performance of the night, but in our opinion it deserved a 9. Our judges awarded Peter 31/40.

Anita and Gleb then performed a beautiful Rumba which made our eyes leak ever so slightly. Len didn’t like it (because it had a lift) and the judges were ever so slightly mean to Anita. They gave her 31/40. We felt the routine deserved a 9 at least! Rumba is a tough dance. We know that it is very hard to pull off.

The final couple to rock the Strictly Ballroom tonight were Georgia and Giovanni (or if you’re Len during the Quickstepathon Giovanna) with their Paso Doble. This dance was fierce and Giovanni took a lot of risks leaving Georgia on her own. They rocked the choreography and it was full of drama. We loved the routine and gave them a 10. Our judges awarded her 33/40. My 5 year old had a theory why the judges didn’t score her highly. She thought a cat was on the floor and attacked Georgia’s dress. The judges obviously don’t like cats! 

The leaderboard was then turned upside down as the couples took to the floor for the quickstepathon. There were a few near misses however the results were as follows:

Peter and Janette came in 7th scoring them 1 extra point and giving them a total score of 32

Kellie and Kevin came in 6th scoring them 2 extra points and giving them a total score of 36

Jay and Aliona came in 5th scoring them a further 3 points and giving them a total of 41

Anita and Gleb came in 4th scoring them a further 4 points and giving them a total of 35

Katie and Anton came in 3rd scoring them a further 5 points and giving them a total of 37

Georgia and Giovanni/a came in 2nd scoring them a further 6 points and giving them a total of 39

and Helen and Aljaz came in 1st scoring a maximum 7 further points and giving them a total of 46.

In other news, we love Claudia’s craziness and found out that she has a bag of marbles. She hasn’t lost her marbles for all those who think she has! We also learnt that not only can all 7 couples dance on the floor at the same time but they can also read the terms and conditions in perfect sync too!

That ended tonight’s Strictly. We want to hear who were your favourites tonight. Comment below or tweet @scd_support to let us know.

We’re back tomorrow from 7.15pm tweeting along with Strictly results show as it happens. We hope to see you then


Cassie πŸ™‚ 


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