Strictly 2015 – Week 10 – @trishnabharadia gives her verdict on the dances & the quickstepathon!

As you know, throughout this series, we’ve been asking our panel of Strictlified experts to give their verdicts on the performances. This week it’s the turn of Trishna from the People’s Strictly. Here’s what she thought:

This is was the Week that I think really showed how tough the competition is because everyone left in there had the potential to lift that glitterball trophy. Bringing in the Quickstepathon also had the potential to turn the leader board upside down and really mix things up a bit, so I was on the edge of my seat in anticipation to see how the couples fared with this extra pressure.

Before I give my verdict on the dances, I need to give a quick mention to wardrobe and makeup because there were quite a few styles and dresses that I particularly loved this week. Giovanni in black leather and bare chest (who wouldn’t love that?!), Helen and Georgia’s make-up was fab and I particularly loved Aliona and Katie’s dresses this week. So huge congrats to all those behind the scenes who make it happen – I know how hard you all work and you come up with the goods week after week!

Now, on to the dances!

Kellie & Kevin’s salsa: I know Kellie gives her all to every single dance and she certainly looked like she was enjoying herself. I think she could’ve been much looser on top and in the shoulders. Salsa is about letting go and it just looked a bit too stiff up top for me. I do enjoy seeing how much Kellie loves to dance and you could tell she was having a lot of fun, which is a big bonus in the salsa. I would like to see more salsas to Latin songs though. I think it would help set the mood and atmosphere more and get those hips shaking and shoulders shimmying better!

 Katie & Anton’s Argentine tango: I think this dance really suited Katie. She has the figure and legs for it and technically I think she did very well. So did Anton – it was his first Argentine tango!? The only thing that I would say is that there wasn’t enough atmosphere. I’ve been lucky enough to see some of the best Argentine tango dancers in the world perform in shows and one thing they always leave me with is a sense of thrill, excitement and passion. I just didn’t get that from this, even though I enjoyed watching the dance immensely and thought Katie did really well. 

Helen & Aljaz’s Viennese waltz: Just WOW. Twice now they have blown me away with their ballroom dances – and waltzes no less!? The waltz is probably my least favourite ballroom dance just because it’s slow and I’m a bit hyper when I dance so I prefer things to be much quicker! However, I was mesmerised by this performance. I didn’t even care whether it was technically good or bad – they transported me into their storytelling in a way that dance should! I loved it! 

Jay & Aliona’s tango: Jay has really come into his own now. I’ve loved watching this dance partnership develop and there is great chemistry between the two of them on that floor. This was the perfect opportunity to show that off to the max and I think they did. I loved the choreography and loved Jay’s tango face even more!?

Peter & Janette’s American Smooth: This was a really sweet dance – sweet like cupcakes! I think they did a good job but you could tell that Peter was holding back slightly, which isn’t surprising considering the week they’d had following Blackpool. In previous weeks this dance would’ve been more than enough to have got them through, however, with the competition as tough as it is and the standard being so high, every single couple is really up against it. It’s a shame that they didn’t make it through as I really thought they’d get to the quarter- or semi-finals, and I’m sad I never saw them do a salsa as I think Peter would’ve really smashed it!

Anita & Gleb’s rumba: I’m a huge fan of Gleb’s choreography and I do feel bad for him sometimes because I watch it and then think “hmmm, Len’s not going to be happy about that?!” I think they could’ve scored higher with this if there had been more rumba content and obviously left out that lift… Ooops… Len had already criticised dances in previous weeks for not having enough specific content and as soon as I saw this I knew he wasn’t going to like it. I agree that Anita could’ve been slightly more flowy and smooth, however, I think they deserved a higher score than they received. Rumba can be a hard dance to master and I think Anita did a very good job!

Georgia & Giovanni’s paso doble: This could quite easily have been my favourite dance of the night, if it had been executed just a tiny bit better. The potential was all there! The choreography was fab, I loved that Gio left Georgia on her own at the beginning, the music was fierce and the atmosphere was electric. Plus Gio got to play the drums and looked like he was having the time of his life doing so! So why didn’t it quite make it? Well, while Georgia coped really well with the choreography and in places was great, some of her shaping I think could’ve been more defined. That’s what I love about the paso and Gio’s choreography had potential there. I would’ve loved to have seen what she could’ve done with this if they’d had an extra couple of days to practice or hadn’t had the quickstepathon to think about because I think it had the potential to have had a big fat 10 from me!

QUICKSTEPATHON: The only comment I really have about the quickstepathon is that all the couples did amazingly well to get through it without any crashes! I think Jay deserved to be higher up the leaderboard but am in definite agreement that Helen and Aljaz were first. Well done everyone and bring on musicals week!

Thank you Trishna! We hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let us know what you thought about Week 10 of Strictly. Just tweet @scd_support or comment below to let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cassie 🙂 


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